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What a Weirdo

by In_Sketched about a year ago in cat

Some of the oddities of Amon

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To start, let me introduce the other three cats in the apartment.

At the top of the cat totem pole, we have Gretchen. She may look really grumpy, but she is just lazy and sweet (most of the time). She rules the house. The boys are to not do anything without her knowing. If she does not know, she will let it be known that she is displeased.

Then there is Jarvis, who fights with Amon for second on the pole. He is terrified of mostly everything. He will not admit it. If you would like to see a cat float, all you have to do is turn on our ceiling fan. He knows he is a handsome man-cat and will let you know too. He has started the Starving Kitty Foundation. Jarvis will sing you the song of his people for a donation.

Then Moo. Oh Moo. She is the largest out of the four cats. However, she is terrified of everything. She lives upstairs in the apartment in someone’s room. It does not matter whose room most of the time. Upstairs is her domain. We have taken the precautions of getting a fountain for the upstairs bathroom.

And Amon would like to be friends with all of them. No cat left behind.

This is not necessarily about all of them. Mostly about Amon and his weird quirks towards humans. Yet, all three of them tend to help bring out these oddities.


Pull it DOWN. It’s COLD.

Amon prances around just ever so slightly as I look at him, wondering what he is up to. I can take a guess as he stares towards the ceiling. I have to follow his gaze to see that he is staring at the heater on the top bunk storage area. He turns to stare at me.



He looks back at the heater.

“Do you want the heater? Are you cold?”

I get a glare this time.

“Alright. I’ll take that as a ‘duh.’”

He is so demanding. But what cat is not?

The only problem here is he knows. He knows what he wants and he gets vocal about it.


First thing in the morning – er, rather whenever we get up, he is right at our feet. Staring. Intently.

Do not, I not lock eyes with him. Just do not do it. If you do, he screams. No not just a little squeal. It’s long and drawn out. A literal scream that is directed at you because you did not get up in time to feed him.

Food. NOW. ExCUSE me. I am HERE. I am STARVIING. No. DON’T do THAT.

Amon swats at Gretchen, herding her away from the feeding grounds in the kitchen. As soon as she comes back, he swats at her again several times. Sometimes she will let him do this. Other times she will let out a hiss of displeasure. Yet, it does not affect him.

He will swat at her again to prove a point.


Shut it. SHUT it. NO. I will NOT be in that room. You can’t MAKE me.

Ah. Yes. The sliding door.

Our neighbors have a gorgeous fluffy orange and white cat. He looks like Jarvis, except with color. His name is Loki. He and Jarvis have this love/hate relationship. Jarvis would like to be his friend, but Loki is also a cat. Sometimes they meow at each other.

It is cute. Very cute.

When it is warm out, we open the sliding door. This is not a problem for Jarvis and Gretchen. Jarvis will say ‘hi’ to Loki if he is around. Gretchen will take over the sliding door space and the outside air. However, Amon will not be seen.

When it is dinner time for them, we will have to try and fetch Amon from upstairs. He can be found in one of the rooms that Moo is in. Sometimes they will be in the same one (shocking for either one as Moo actively tries to avoid him).

Amon is then brought down the stairs. He is placed in front of his dish, farthest away from the door. There is an intense several moments of Amon staring at you as you walk away since everything seems to be fine. He will then dash out of the kitchen and into the sewing room.

Because the sliding door is open.

We have to actively close it for him so that he will eat.

What a Drama King.


Hey. HEY. Open the door. Well? Aren't you COMING?

Then there is bed time. Oh bed time. It is a thing in the house. It is on Amon’s terms.

He has to be heading up the stairs around ten or eleven in the evening. He likes to lead you to them. If you do not follow right away, he waits. If you are too slow, he turns back to find you. He stares. Intently.


He runs into the next room.

Now you have to follow. So you do.

He is there, waiting. You start to go into the hallway leading to the stairs. Amon is right on your heels. You go up the stairs and he nearly makes you fall down because he is running under your feet.

Depending on who you are, Amon will lead you to a room. He leads my roommates to theirs and he will wait at mine, patiently. Once everyone is lead to their appropriate places, Amon will wander in and out of the rooms. The most we can make of this is that he is checking that his humans are in bed. Sometimes (if we are lucky enough), he will “tuck” us in. This just entails him hopping on the bed and spending some time with us individually.


Hey. Hey. HEY. Moo. MOO. Moo. Be my FRIEND.

He tries so hard with Moo Moo. He used to just chase her down to try and be her friend. Now, he lays near her. He has finally figured it out that she is not like the other two where playing helps. Well, he has kind of figured it out. He still tries to chase her down every once in a while.

Lately, I have pulled out the laser pointer to help prevent this for the night. I have found that both cats really enjoy the toy. It is to the point where I can get Amon to run up and down our stairs and Moo comes running out of her hiding spot in a room somewhere.

When they get tired they lay down in the hallway.

I still keep the laser pointer on for this as an experiment to keep their attention on it instead of one another. So far, they pay more attention to the evil little red fairy than each other. I have gotten them to be about six inches from one another with the red dot in between.

It has been heavenly to see.


Ceiling snacks. Ceiling snacks. HELP me.

Amon will look to the ceiling.

Look at you.

Look back at the ceiling.

Look back at you.

You must pick him up and help him. It is your job. He just wants the ceiling snacks.

Ceiling snacks are just any bug that hangs out on the ceiling, usually flyers. Moths are a favorite.

Amon will beg to be picked up to get these snacks. He will scream. They are a must.


Amon is a weirdo.

I love him and so does just about anyone who meets him.

With all of his weirdness, Amon is super sweet and adoring. He will check on all of the humans in the house to be sure that everyone is there. He will guard the door if you are too busy to watch the door.

He has some weird things he does. And I am just really happy to be able to share some of the odd things he does.

But he is cute.



I am just a hobbyist writer. I have a lot of concepts roaming around in my head that I do not have enough notebooks or sketchbooks to places them all in. I am mainly an artist as opposed to a writer.

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