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Weird Things Your Cat Might Be Doing Explained

Ever wondered why your cat shoves their butt in your face?

By Hannah LouisePublished 6 years ago 5 min read
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Confined Spaces

Cats have many different signs of showing you that they want something. These behaviours may come across as unusual or out of the ordinary, however these behaviours have simple explanations which can help you understand your own cat a whole lot better.

1. Headbutting you... or your stuff.

Have you noticed your cat headbutting your stuff? It's their way of saying hello! But how does that explain why they headbutt our stuff? Well, they recognise your scent more than anything, so they want to greet anything that smells like you too. Headbutting is also their way of telling you that they trust you, or that they like you.

2. Sitting in Tight Spaces

The reason why your cat/cats may hide in tight, confined or dark spaces is that they are feeling quite anxious or nervous and want to get away to a safe place. Similarly to the way that we have our own safe place, such as in our house or even our bedroom, confined spaces (often dark) is where most cats can find solace. And if you think that they'll get stuck in there, don't worry it's mainly just their fur that makes them look trapped.

3. Bringing Dead Animals to the House

This is a very common behaviour which most cats exhibit, and many of you will already know the reason as to why they do this. It is a term of endearment, a present if you will. Although it's gross and unpleasant it's their way of saying that they love you! So, the next time you find a dead animal outside of your house (or even inside), just remember they were brought with good intensions!

4. Waving Their Bum Around in the Air (Particularly in Your Face)

This happens a lot to me with my cat, which left me wondering... Why? Dogs sniff other dogs' bums to say hello... so I thought this was the same... except nobody is sniffing your cats bum. However, this is their way of communicating to you, cats use many forms of communication as they cannot physically talk to you, and this is one of them. Although, if they lift their bum up and wave it in your face because you're petting the end of it's back, it's because it feels good to them.

5. Kneading

If you're unsure what kneading is, it's as if your cat is giving you a massage. Their two front paws press down onto the surface one after another, and this is completely natural. As kittens, a way to stimulate milk flow from their mother is to knead onto her nipples so this is where the kneading originally comes from. So, why do cats still do this when they're adults? They are not trying to find milk, they are just doing it because they're used to it, or want to get comfy. Finally, it is a sign that they are happy.

6. Ignoring You

You might think that your cat doesn't understand it's name or doesn't understand that you are talking to it, however this can't be further from the truth. They are genuinely ignoring you! This is because your cat likes to be alone, and wants some privacy. Once they are ready they'll begin to listen to you again, probably because they want something but hey ho.

7. "Zoomies"

What are zoomies? These are the short-term bursts of energy which your cats display when they go crazy. If your cat hasn't had any cat nip, you might be wondering why they are running about the place acting like they've gone insane. This is because they feel active and want some exercise, this is particular if your cat is a house cat and doesn't go outside very often. You might have noticed that this is more of an apparent behaviour at night, and this is for the same reason (pretty much), because they haven't gotten enough exercise or "playtime" throughout the day and are therefore looking to be active at night.

8. Licking Random Things

This can happen for a number of reasons—not too serious though.

This can be their way of demonstrating that their food is not nutritional enough, or that they don't like it. Another reason for this is that they are bored and licking things gives them something to do! Another common reason for this is that your cat had left its mother too soon and did not get enough time to suckle, leaving him wanting to make up for this lost time.

Although it can seem really unusual for your cat to do this, it is not usually anything serious... However if you are worried or if your cat is doing this a lot then a trip to the vet may be suitable.

9. Eating Grass

I have only seen one of my cats do this, however it is perfectly normal. It is true that cats are carnivores, so why do they eat grass? This is for many reasons, not too serious.

Grass is usually eaten in order to satisfy their dietary needs. For example, cats may eat grass to supplement their diet, or to detox from all the bad stuff inside of them, much similarly to how we eat cucumbers as this flushes the bad stuff inside of you and leaves you feeling fresh.

"Grass juice" contains folic acid, which is why it is used to supplement their diet. Grass juice is not only an aid towards feline growth and development, but it is also helping to raise the oxygen levels within their blood.

Grass to cats are natural laxatives, which can help to relieve an upset stomach or to help them go. If cats eat too much grass they can throw it up, however this is seen as a positive thing as they are getting rid of all the fur that is clogged up inside of them.

The only concerning thing about eating grass is eating too much grass, or the desire to eat grass each day in which case you should see a vet just to make sure everything is OK.

10. Sticking Out Their Tongues

Finally, why do cats stick their tongue out at you?

This is often a sign that they are thirsty or that they have licked a lot of fur off and it's stuck to their tongue.

This can be easily resolved, or your cat will figure it out for themselves, but in the case that their tongue is constantly out can be the sign of a medical issue, so visiting a veterinarian might be a good idea here, just incase! However, most of the time this is a perfectly normal behaviour and there is nothing to worry about.

I hope this article has put your mind at ease about some of the weird behaviours your cat might be exhibiting, however if it hasn't a trip to the vets will surely ease your mind.


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