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Urban cats are too delicate to get sick. Why do free-range cats in rural areas rarely get sick?

by xiaozi 2 months ago in cat
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Rural cats, natural selection, survival of the fittest, rural cats are generally rural cats, strong body resistance.

The source of the rural cat, is generally neighbors or relatives of the cat born, to others, if you are a rural child, you will know that it is not easy to keep a cat in the countryside, the cat home, will be sick, sick will get some human medicine to it, the disease is good all by the cat.

You will see in the rural areas, the sick kitten, hair is a mess, start the way of the feeling of quilted, can survive and grow on his shoulder, in the countryside have a dog is very naughty, bite dead, also have bitten by the kitten, kitten, growing up in the countryside can body resistance is strong, vigilance is high, the body is relatively flexible, after be brought up the cat cat danger is some, In rural areas, cats often run around, easy to be chased by dogs; The cat in the countryside, caught half dead mice; Cats in the countryside will be chased and beaten when they come to other people's homes. It is not easy for cats to live in the countryside. They can live as long as 7 or 8 years.

In the countryside of cats, almost all are free-range cats, relatively wide range of activities. Cats are really free of nature, like living in nature, in the countryside you may see such a cat, jumping up and down, climbing walls, fast, fast dodging. This kind of exercise, let cat body resistance stronger, posture strong.

Kitten just got home, home is every care, with steamed bread sausage, steamed bread with cooked egg yolk, kill the fish, the fish intestines and gills to the cat to eat. When eating fish, the fish head is given to the cat to eat, when the kitten grew up, the family began to feed the cat at will, leftovers, even a day without feeding.

But have you noticed that those leftovers, cats rarely eat, unless really hungry, or the leftovers are too delicious, in the countryside, cats give people the impression of eating too little, too picky. There is a saying, often to picky eaters and eat less children said, like cats, cats in the countryside, eat less because there are supplements outside, to mice, sparrows, toad in the field, such as food, this diet conforms to the nature of cats. I always feel that they seem to return to nature, in the rural life of cats, owners have little intervention on the cat.

Objective for rural cat really actually easier than domestic cat good feed, because a pet cat, is, compared to the countryside wild cats as pets level training, to save better, with human like varieties to decide, just like you let alone to survive in the wild, Garfield, I'm sure most people survive for a month, The survival instincts of pet cats have been forgotten a lot.

But there is also a possibility called survivor effect, you may have seen most of the wild cats are survival of the fittest, most of the wild cats have belched fart, so you can not see, and usually a cat can be under a litter of about 4-5, a year can be under 2 litters, but do you see a village of more than 20 cats? Most of the ones you don't see have probably starved to death.

You may think, wow, every time I go back to my hometown, the little orange at the entrance of the village is still that little orange, the little black at the door of the pork shop is still that little black. Doesn't that make it clear?

You don't know little orange family of six cats, two of them ran up and died, one of them ate rat poison and died in the gutter. The other two were crushed into mud when they crossed the road, and a hundred and ten half-hung over them, with the ash and broken stones, had long been stuck together with the cement road.

Rare breed is often accompanied by a genetic defect, in order to ensure the pure could not avoid inbreeding, normal cat house is introducing new lineages of frequency is not enough to avoid a genetic defect amplification For a city to provide mating varieties of your cat is fixed, some varieties is itself the product of a genetic defect such as Scottish fold (birth bring joint deformities)

The weak ones in the countryside have died and cannot reproduce, while those who survive are in good health. The good constitution and reproduction, the weak out, the good constitution and stay. The descendants that are left behind will only grow stronger with each passing generation.

And the local cat is hybrid, even if there are pathogenic genes, but also because of hybridization and reduce the probability of gene display, natural feel good to feed. And a pet cat, even if it is weak, can be rescued for you, once bred, 50/50 weak. Will the remaining offspring be healthy? Can't. And pet cats are mainly purebred, purebred mostly with disease-causing genes, once two purebred cats mate, the probability of genetic disease greatly increases. So, that's why purebred cats are so hard to keep.


The biggest difference between a country cat and a city cat is the external environment. The CITY CAT LIVES IN A SMALL ROOM EVERY DAY, SMALL ten SQUARE meters (yes, said is me), the big hundred square meters, even a place to go off, muscles and bones are stretched not open, the body can be good?

Human or cat, resistance and immune system is the first line of defense of the body, a day to run around the mountain cat is more healthy than the cat lying at home, resistance is stronger, corresponding to less illness.

My home in the southern mountains, mountains more trees, rivers more water, the cat is full every day to go out wild, climb the mountain trees, chasing chickens beat dogs, such a living environment, want to get sick is difficult ah.

Mimi (rural cat unified name) just weaned to my house, was slowly fed by my mother, also do not have to take care of it, every day to prepare a little clean water and food.

My mother raised the cat is more careful, although there is no imported cat food, but still to feed the Mimi quite strong.

There is a yan pond in front of my house. My mother often catches some loach and small fish (commonly known as dead yellow skin) in a cage. So Mimi's food is usually boiled loach or small fish bibimbap, and occasionally leftover broth bibimbap. It is also because of mother's careful feeding, our cats look bigger than other cats.

Although other families may not be as meticulous as my mother, but most are fed leftovers, there are rice and meat. The cat ate down to grow also very good, very happy.

In general, eat well, exercise and large, the cat's constitution is a good batch, great living a flea and so on, get some powder to wipe, as for the cat belly, cat fever what never heard of.

So rural cats don't get sick? Of course not. The first reason is the constitution mentioned above. The next is the countryside of the rough, the cat is sick will not be deliberately taken to see a doctor, the heart of the family at most will be taken to see a veterinarian to take some medicine, eat well is just, eat dead also died, who under the cat to hug one.

But is city cat possible? A breed of cat cheap thousands, tens of thousands of expensive, cost in here, you willing to watch it die? Sad heart is sure, that buy cat money is not also wasted.

It's a blunt statement, but it's the truth. Pet cats in cities bring their owners more companionship and comfort, while cats in rural areas are mainly for the purpose of preventing (catching) mice. How many villagers have you seen wandering around the world with cats in their arms?


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