Top Places For Horse Riding In Adelaide

It is easy to escape into nature within the beautiful state of Adelaide in Australia.

Top Places For Horse Riding In Adelaide

It is easy to escape into nature within the beautiful state of Adelaide in Australia. You will find a large number of people enjoying cycling and hiking throughout the countryside. However, one activity which is likely to be a lot more fun than the above is horse riding Adelaide. To find them, all you need to do is escape from the city’s traffic jams.

Move around in South Australia, and you will find a number of horses to ride. This is also a region full of serene forest trails, and mimicking the motion of a horse while sitting on it is a hugely satisfying experience. And yes, you need not be a starving jockey, a masked crime fighter or a rugged horse whisperer for horse riding Adelaide.

Remember to keep the following tips in mind during horse riding Adelaide:

1) Dress properly- Long pants and closed shoes are most suitable to sit on horseback, and you will also be given a helmet.

2) Go slow- Do not try to hurry while on the horse. Allow yourself to learn as you move along

3) Let the horse sniff- At the stable, slowly lift the back of your hand towards the horse’s forehead for it to be able to sniff you. This is a nice introduction to kick things off.

4) Let the horse know- If you are walking behind the horse, make sure it knows of your presence

Top areas for horse riding Adelaide

a) Adelaide hills- A new facility called Adelaide Hills Horse Agistment has opened up here. It is a beautiful place, and horses are cared for as if owned by the management. The place is very comfortable and safe for the animal.

b) Mallala Equestrian centere- Located 60 km away from Adelaide, this place is very popular for organizing equestrian events. The Mallala Showjumping Club is well known for organizing competitions like South Australian State Indoor titles. Riders can commence their showjumping careers here.

c) Equestrian SA- The range of horse riding activities offered here is pretty big. One such activity is dressage, where the rider has to perform quality movements known as figures. During jumping, riders have to jump across a course with 10-13 jumps. Vaulting, or gymnastics on horseback, are also done here.

d) Temple Wood Horse Riding Centre- This place is 45 minutes away from the central business district of Adelaide. It will allow you to break free from city life and ride a horse in a serene environment. A rider of any age can walk in here and enjoy.

People may think that a holiday with horse riding Adelaide is very taxing, but it is really enjoyable in reality. One can learn a lot by spending time with an intelligent being such as a horse.

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