Tips for Siberian Husky Owners

by Dimitri Pixley 11 months ago in list

5 Tips for Owners

Tips for Siberian Husky Owners

Let's be honest, these are some of the cutest dogs you have EVER seen. Currently in my household, I have two husky puppies (both four months old) and a year old husky and think the same thing... these are the cutest dogs ever. But then there are the times when they aren't the cutest dogs ever, as they get on your every nerve and try to push boundaries other dog breeds might not. Huskies can be intimidating, but I want to share a couple tips and tricks I have learned from having three so that others aren't intimidated and can enjoy huskies like I do.

Tip 1: Always Exercise Huskies

Exercise them more than you think they need. I always say, "Better to be safe than sorry." Many know, but huskies are incredibly energetic dogs that need constant exercise and attention. But, I have learned that huskies go through bursts of energy, where they MUST play or your house will be destroyed.

With my dogs, they wake up at 7 am and need to exercise right away. They then eat breakfast at 8 am, play for a bit more and then crash for a couple hours. Typically they will awake at 11 am, or 12 pm and need either a long walk or run in our yard. They will play for another two hours until lunch time at 2 pm. They then crash again until around 5 pm. During this time, it seems that it may be best to let them rest, but that's WRONG. I have learned that I need to take them on an extra walk or run than I think they need or later in the evening I will get payback as they run around the house, knocking chairs over. They then crash till dinner time at 8 pm, I take them for another walk/run and they are out till 7 am then next day.

Even if you as a husky owner think your dog is fine sleeping for five hours, it is best to wake them up and play with them every couple hours to ensure they don't act out. Huskies are dogs that like to release their energy in short bursts.

Tip 3: No Toy is Indestructible

This one is easy. Any toy that says they are "Indestructible" has never met a husky and is lying. As a husky owner, make sure you have a large budget for dog toys and ensure you buy stuff-less toys.

Tip 4: Slow Feeders May Be in Your Future

With all my huskies I have had to buy slow feeders in order to ensure that they don't choke from eating too fast or turning their stomachs. Puppies typically eat pretty fast, but if it continues as they grow older it is a good idea to invest in a slow feeder. Slow feeder come in all shapes and sizes (visit Amazon) and require a dog to do more than just "chomp" down on the food. Slow feeders both ensure that dogs slow down while eating, but also teach dogs that food is a reward and takes effort.

Tip 5: Huskies Are Escape Artists

In a perfect picture, husky owners are able to walk their dog next to them off leash. But that doesn't happen with huskies, who are some of the best escape artists. The times that my dogs have ripped their leashes out of my hands have been the worst because they just run and run and run. The best thing to do is just stay in the same spot and offer treats or run in the opposite direction.

Sadly, huskies are not really great "off-leash" and will typically try to escape. This isn't because they want to leave you, but they just love running. Always ensure their leash is secured when walking them or that you are in an enclosed area if you are letting them off leash.

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