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Tips For Leopard Gecko Care

by David Stewart 2 years ago in how to
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Leopard geckoes are known for their friendliness and docility however, every one of them has a different personality.

If you love reptiles, you must have seen the pictures of beautiful colored lizards projecting a broad smile and often licking their lips after a meal. Yes, those are the lovely Leopard Geckoes, and they have been named so, because of their beautiful scale which is mostly bright yellow in color and often speckled with tiny brown dots. So if you have one of these lizards at your home or you want to adopt one as a pet, you need to know few things about how to perfect Leopard Gecko care. So without further ado, let’s get to know more about these beautiful adorable creatures:

1. Each of them have a different personality

Leopard geckoes are known for their friendliness and docility however, every one of them has a different personality. Although they are mostly taken in as pets in the households of the United States, they originate from South Asia. The lizards will make squeaking sounds when they need to be fed. They live on the land and they do not walk over vertical surfaces. They are not quite playful but they can be petted and they can get along easily with other pets in your household.

2. Basic features and behavior

As discussed earlier, they communicate using squeaks and their personalities can be quite exciting as they tend to show various kinds of behaviors. Before mating or while hunting they rattle their tails like a rattlesnake does. These geckoes have vertical pupils, distinct eyelids and ears which is unlike most of the geckoes. Although they are mostly found in yellow and white shades, they can have white, black and brown spots. They have a fat tail which stores fat for future use, and if threatened they may lose their tail. However, like most lizards they can regrow the tail which might not be fat as before.

3. Lifespan and size

The average lifespan of a male Leopard Gecko is about 10-20 years however, some owners have reported that their geckoes have lived for around 27 years. The males live longer as compared to the females which is around 6-10 years. When the geckoes are born they are roughly 3-4 inches in length. When they adult, the males can range somewhere between 8-10 inches whereas the females could range from 7-8 inches in length.

4. Providing for habitat and diet

For Leopard Gecko care, you need to first provide them the ideal desert like environment. You need a 10-gallon terrarium for a single gecko, which should be well ventilated. There needs to be a hiding box which will provide them the typical feel of the desert like environment. The floor needs to be a dry surface, and you can use stones, paper towel or even newspaper to cover the floor. Avoid using sand especially for young geckoes because ingesting sand can be harmful for their intestines. Geckoes use a typical corner for the droppings, so it becomes easier to clean.

88 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for these geckoes and you need to have two thermometers which should be installed far away from each other to help the geckoes thermoregulate. You can also use a low-wattage small bulb at one end to provide heat. A red dim light can be used to track their activities during the night. The geckoes drink a lot of water and they also like to soak in water at times. So keep a dish of water and change it daily. Also you need to feed them only insect or worms as they do not eat vegetables.

Now that you know more about Leopard Gecko care, you can go ahead and adopt the best gecko. They are loving, easy-to-handle and eye captivating creatures perfect for your household.

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