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Are Thylacine extinct or still alive? The Thylacine are also known as the Tasmanian Tiger. The Tasmanian wolf is a carnivorous marsupial that once lived in Australia and New Guinea. These animals were hunted to extinction by men because we thought of them as killers but there are no reports of a Thylacine attack on people. Also, these creatures are known to be very shy creatures. A marsupial is an animal that has a pouch that their joey stays in until they are a year old. The Tasmanian Tiger is a light brown dog looking creature that has black stripes on its back which is why the Thylacine is called the Tasmanian Tiger. Male Thylacines have a pouch that protects their testicles from harm during mating. The Thylacine has the widest yawn gap which enabled them to open their mouth wider than most animals.

Being carnivorous marsupials, these creatures mostly killed small creatures and sometimes even kangaroos. There is still so much about the Thylacine that we do not know. There have been many sightings in Queensland, Australia. Although none of the sightings have been confirmed, there are still some who believe that the Tasmanian Tiger, also known as the Thylacine, still lives in the forest of Tasmania. The last Thylacine died in captivity on September 7, 1936, but there have still been sightings of the Thylacine and even videos of the mysterious creature. Although some seem to be fake, there are some out there that may be real. The Tasmanian Tiger has been sighted from the late 1900s to the present day. Although scientists still say that the Thylacine is extinct, they cannot be sure it is extinct with all the sightings and videos out there. There have been several sightings reported, and there are still sightings being reported. Although no one can say if the Thylacine is still alive or not, we can all still believe it may be alive. These amazing and mysterious creatures should not have been treated the way they were. These animals are incredible and very unique animals.

The way we as humans think about some animals is just horrible, we think just because an animal is scary it should be killed when that animal, in reality, plays a very important role in the environment. They hunt to keep the population of prey animals down. If we kill them, it affects the environment, meaning the population of prey animals shoots up which puts plants in trouble. So hunting animals to extinction such as the Tasmanian Tiger harms the environment even though we do not think this way it does.

Even though we are not fully sure that the Thylacine is extinct, we can be sure of one thing, the environment is forever changed. And we can not return the environment back the way it was, but we can try not to change it further. We should not hunt predators to extinction, because it harms the environment more than any of us could know. These animals are very important to us, although we may not know why or how they are very important to us. The Tasmanian Tiger was killed off because of them hunting and killing sheep and other livestock. With that being said, we killed them because of them needing food and choosing an easier prey animal. We can all hope that these animals have made it, even though most scientists still believe it to be extinct, some say it may still be out there. They may be out there hiding in deep caves hiding from humans trying to survive what others could not. In closing, it is not our decision to tell you yes, it is alive or no, it is extinct. Only you can say what you think and only you can make a difference.

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