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Three dog names that should be retired

by Christina Epperly 2 years ago in dog
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Three dog names that should be retired
Photo by gotdaflow on Unsplash

Three dog names that should be retired

Hello, fellow friends of dogs. (I am assuming that you like dogs if you are reading this article.) I have known many dogs over the years. I had one when I was growing up, I have a habit of making friends with as many dogs as I can, and I worked at a pet supply store for over a year. It goes without saying that I have heard a wide variety of dog names over the years. Some of those names were pretty awesome in my opinion others not so much. Here is a list of three common dog names that need to go extinct in my opinion. I have one more thing to say before I get to the list. This article is based only on my own opinions I do not have any intention of making anyone feel bad for giving their dog one of these names. I wrote this article for fun and entertainment so let us get to it.

Bear- Starting off this list is a name that is just downright confusing. I do not understand the popularity of this name at all. I have seen this dog name a good amount of time in my life and I have no idea why people think it is a good name for their dog. When you give this name to your dog, you are naming an animal after another animal. I just simply do not get it. To me giving your dog this name is the same thing as naming your child dog. I hope if you do decide to give your dog this name you do not live in an area where bears are common because if you call for your dog people may start to run away or reach for their bear spray.

Oreo – The name of milks favorite cookie is also very common name for pets. I have seen many kinds of animals with this name not just dogs. However, the vast majority of the time when people give this name to their pets, they are not choosing this name because of their love for the famous cookie. This name is usually chosen almost exclusively to animals that are both black and white in color. When you give your pet this name you are naming them after an object of the same color. Even though I do understand choosing this name a little more than the one I mentioned above, I have yet to meet a brown dog named dirt or a white dog named rice. Naming your dog after an item of the same colors is a little on the strange side. While this name may have been kind of cute when people first started using it, it has now become overused. If you really love this dog name or the cookies for that matter. I suggest that you be a rebel and save it for an animal that is not black and white in color.

Duke – Now, it is true that I said that the name Oreo is overused. However, it has nothing on this overused name. At the store I used to work at we displayed pictures of customers dogs around the store. In one part of the store there were three pictures in row that had dogs named duke in them. I have also heard of lots of dogs with this name. This is another one that I just do not understand the popularity of. It is also worth noting that I do not remember meeting many dogs named Duchess. Which seems strange when you consider how much Duke is overused. There are so many other names out there for dogs that are much more unique and interesting. If you do choose this name for your dog, do not be surprised if a bunch of dogs to run your way after you call this name out at the dog park.


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Christina Epperly

Hello, there! I am a fun loving blogger with a bucket list, big dreams and a love of writing. Some of my favorite things to write about include self care, blogging, and pets.

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