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Things That You Can Do to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Read our tips to make sure your pet's health is at it's peak

By Sherryn De VosPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
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It is known that health is a vital part of our lives. When it comes to keeping our health in check, we do our best to take care of us and our loved ones. This includes us, our family members and our pets.

Obtaining good health practices for our pets is the key to providing them the chance to live a long and quality life. This is what every pet owner wants for their furry friends. So, in order to take care of our pet’s well-being, we need to think about several health aspects such as medical check-ups, nutrition, exercises and so on.

If you want to know more about how you can do that, in this article we present several solutions to improve your pet’s health.

Health Check

Sometimes the health of our loved ones who aren’t able to take care of themselves is put in our hands. Despite being responsible for the wellbeing of an elderly relative with a disability, the lives of our pets also depend on us.

Our little furry friends’ health is our responsibility. This is because of the fact that we are the ones who make all the decisions about their well-being. Our pets aren't able to tell when they are in pain, in need of something or when a problem arises. So, it is up to us to look out for the signs or symptoms in their behavior on time.

Find a Reliable Online Vet

When it comes to finding a vet for your pet, you have to look for a reliable and knowledgeable expert. Having access to suitable advice and treatment for your pet at any time is crucial. Although health is very important, sometimes you won’t be able to go to the vet for various reasons. So, having an online vet that can answer your questions as well as understand your pet’s situation is a perk.

When it comes to health, finding a potential health problem on time is better than waiting. This way you can avoid any serious complications. Consider regular check-ups and quick assessment to enhance your pet’s wellness.

A lot of professional and experienced veterinarians are available for online services. These include:

  • giving quick feedback for your concerns,
  • answering your questions through online chatting,
  • giving advice on nutrition.

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Nutrition Advice for Your Pet

Your pet’s health depends on a balanced diet. You have to also be aware that your pet’s dietary needs will change according to age. For that reason, it is necessary to get more familiar with your pet’s breed and to find out what works best for them at different stages in their life.

Furthermore, you need to be careful with the portion size you give to your pet, as it can have a huge effect on its weight. Keeping a healthy weight lowers the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. So, do your research about healthy weight and plan the portions according to your pet’s needs.

Additionally, a healthy diet depends on the pet’s medical history and the type of pet. Dogs need diets that include vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins and so on. Cats require dry and canned food, digestible proteins and nutrients. This type of food is good for their fur, eyes, and heart.

Take Care Of Your Pet’s Hygiene

Another important aspect of your pet’s health is keeping them clean! It is recommended to give your pet a bath a couple of times a month. However, keep in mind that bathing very frequently can cause skin problems. So, don’t overdo it! Aside from bathing, improving hygiene includes regular:

- grooming,

- nail trimming,

- brushing,

- ear cleanings and

- checking their skin

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Dental health is essential, especially if you have dogs or cats. Dental cleanings will keep your pet’s mouth clean and fresh and lower the risk of mouth bacteria.

Make Time for Exercise

In addition to a healthy diet, your pet should be active. Your pet will enjoy daily walks, playing with other animals, hiking, and swimming. It is advisable to make time for daily walk at least 30 minutes a day. If you are not able to go outside, your pet can do many indoor activities. Those include playing with interactive balls, fluffy toys and others specialized for them.

These activities will improve your pet’s cardiovascular system and mental health. Regular exercise will keep your pet fit and healthy, reducing the chances of aggressive behavior. Playing, exercising and training are also great bonding techniques.

Consider Neutering As a Healthy Alternative

By neutering your pets you can prevent unwanted pregnancy and several diseases. Spaying and neutering reduce the risks of uterus infection, breast cancer, and testicular cancer.

However, a good thing to do is to ask your veterinarian for advice about the appropriate age, type of neutering and the safety of the procedure.

Show Affection Towards Your Pet

Isn’t your pet always giving you love and affection, no matter how bad your day was at work? Well, they seek for an equal amount of love from you as well. For this reason, cuddling and petting will improve the emotional bond between you and your pet. In addition, it will contribute to your pets’ friendly behavior towards others.

Make sure you socialize your pet when it is younger to decrease the chances of aggressive and antisocial behavior. Therefore, try to expose it to other humans and animals as much as you can. Make sure that it interacts with them, but at the same time, be careful as the pet can get scared and overwhelmed.


As can be seen, taking care of your pet’s health is not an easy task. It requires attention and advice from professionals. As a pet owner making your pet happy and healthy is a priority. For that reason, it is necessary to keep your pet safe and to get familiar with its needs and wishes. Only this way you'll provide the best medical treatment for your adorable companion.


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