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by Aeriale Williams 13 days ago in cat

I'm not a cat person.....I'm just a person who has a cat.

He wants to know how much longer i'll be in the restroom.........

Honestly at this point i'm not really into saying no to things that present themselves to me in a way I can only learn and or grow from. I was slighty caught off gaurd the day my roommate randomly allowed a feline to come into all of our lives. It is often said that cats don't really pull their weight around the house , but getting to develope a relationship with my cat has helped me see the value in his job.

I drink

Also, random is putting it ....mildly. I am the kinda friend that I would describe as a care bear. Loving, nurturing, sturn, and sometimes a hendurance to myself when it comes to putting myself through uneccessarry stress on behalf of others. A helping handful of open arms. Yup... thats me. I'm most compassionate when it comes to supplying needs..

I've always had dogs in my life as far back as I can remember. My family and friends aside from an aunt, were very much dog people if I were able to catagorize our pet preference. Some of my foundeds childhood memories have dog involvement so hopefully you can imagine my suprise when I came into the company of my cat, Mr. Kirbidles.

" Its not hide and seek....i just keep hidding and you just keep seeking..."

My last fury friend was my dog Bankroll. I really, really miss my dog. He was a pitbull labradore mix and had a sandybrown coat and was soo energetic. He was a gift to me on my 25th birthday. I was a little upset that Bankroll would grow to be an average size dog because I had expressed that I would be able to better manger a small dog and it wouldn't offset an asthma attack. We would also be looking for dogs who doesn't shed as much. Evenstill I would care for him and love him because he was my dog.

Bankroll was named after a rapper who was shot and killed in 2016 against my desire to name him Cane. I decided to move to Chicago and I wasn't able to take him and he was lost to the world. I do still look at his puppie pictures, and the very stautesk photo of him hangs on my fridge in his memory.

Do you mind?

This story about Mr.Kirbidles is one that I will not forget and will always cherish just as much as my last pet pal.

On a morning, in my room, my roommate and I heard a knock at the back door. I was very skeptical about anserwing because not man folks know where I live nor do they come to the back door. My roommate was ready as he stayed and cautiously opened the door slightly ajar to see who needed us. The converstion was quiet so I couldn't hear what was said, but after a few moments I heard the door close, and then I heard it open again.

My roommate informs me that there is a cat at the door. I had asked a few questions about where he may have come from but they all lead to no end.

So what to do? .....It's cold. He has no home. He's a stray. What will I feed him? Can I afford him right now? Who will care for him when i'm working or away? Is now the best time to be taking in stray animals? Is he sick? Im allergic and I just simly don't like cat hair. They jump, scratch, and hiss. What if we aren't a good fit and he has to let me down easy, are all the things going through my mind as I deside to foster this kitten. Even though all those statements and questions ran through my mind I knew deep down that if I had began to care for him it would be hard for me to let him go.

From his first bath to his sprints down the wooden floored hall, there is so much life an joy in Mr. Kirbidles that eventhough the hair is still a thing I wouldn't want any other cat to call mine.

There was a real struggle in the begginign to find a name that sooted his personality . My first take was Sandy then ... Stanley P. And it was rolling off the tounge in a way that eventually sounded too human. He met a few of my friends and Sherman became a short lived thing aswell. Finally I was able to stick with Kirbidles and he made me feel as though he approved so here we are.

Over time he has become very vocal and it makes the sweetest things even sweeter. He responds to questions like "where are you?" and "what are you doing?" He gets especially throaty when I say "On your mark, get set, go! "

For whatever reason it sets him off and he has so much to say. He sounds like and old man looking for the remote in his La-Z-boy chair.

Mr. Kirbidles has a fondness for bubbles as do I and is an outdoors cat but ive had to limit hist outside time because he doent play well with other and this isn't the most cat friendly neighborhood. Never the less he enjoys his yard time respectfully.

Kitty Bae Watch

When I went out of town he was very moody and had alot to say about leaving him and not bringing him back any treats or toys.

He lounges in the kitchen window and snickers at the light refractions on the wall. I believe he is a combination of spirits that are here to help me through every kind of day I have.

My grandmother passed away at the end of 2020 and the roommate that introduced Mr Kirbidles to me suddenly moved back home. The voids and losses in my life continued to grow. Some how when i'm around him he fills that space with laughter, big cat energy and candid moments. Allowing me to remember that eventhough people come and go....cats have 9 lives. I love Mr.Kirbidle and he will always get the employee of the month award from me. Heres to your Mr.Kirbidles


Aeriale Williams

I’d describe myself as a creative artist who provides a scope through writing, using music, and producing abstract art. Creative prospectives and giving volume to muffled sound. Interested in giving my works to the people by being myself.

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Aeriale Williams
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