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The Worst Part of Losing a Pet Is Losing Them

by Katherine M. 3 years ago in humanity
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Something That We Don't Like to Think About, But it Happens

One the hardest parts about having a pet is having to say ‘goodbye.' You have been with them throughout a good amount of time and you have created such a bond with them that you don’t want to have an ending with them having to leave you. It is one of the saddest moments that anyone has to go through, and it is crazy when you have to go through it because you know that it is going to happen. But you just be in denial because of loving your pet, and you just want them to live forever, even though we all know that it isn’t the case.

Having a pet is like having a best friend or a child that you take care of and love. You have a lot of responsibility to have, like having a child. But taking care of them isn’t exactly the same, and the bond with them is different than having a child. Having a pet is a companion that you know you can always go to when you are feeling down, and they have their way of sensing when you are down and need some comfort. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they are a lot of taking care, because they still need to go to the vet to get a check up, and give them food, and depending on the animal, bathe them. But they are different since most pets, by the time they are one, they are grown and they don’t need much time to fully mature like children do. Even though some are playful and need to play with and cuddle with all the time.

It can just be hard when the time comes and your pet is old and it’s their time to go, because it isn’t something that you aren’t thinking about it. You are just enjoying your time with them, and being able to have a companion to be with when you are home with alone to keep you company. The thought that you could be losing the pet that you have raised and grown up with is going to leave you one day can just be to little too much to bear.

I know that experience when I lost my dog six years ago, and it was something that I couldn’t bear to think about because I loved him so much. He was my baby and I would do anything. But during that time, he was ill and had suffered long enough and just let go when he thought that it was time to. My dad was the one home when it happened, and he became a mess since he didn’t know what to do when my dog was just letting himself go, and I know that if I was the one home instead, that I would’ve been even worse, screaming and crying because my baby was letting go right in front of me. It was sad to come home and find out that he was gone, and I couldn’t stop crying and even till this day I get emotional just at the thought of him because he was someone that I loved so dearly and he just let go because he couldn’t deal with suffering anymore. I know that he is in a better place, but it still hurts that he is gone, and I just wish that I could see him just one more time.

Again, I experienced it when my husband’s cat has been sick for the past week and it’s gotten to the point where he was just having accidents everywhere and he struggled to walk that we knew that it was time. My husband’s family had discussed putting him down and it became such an emotional conversation, because they all knew that they didn’t want to let him go. But they knew that at the same time, that he has been suffering long enough and he couldn’t be suffering anymore. So today, my brother-in-law took the cat to the animal hospital where they put him down. I mean, I wasn’t really that close to the cat since I have an allergy to him. But I am still sad at the fact that he is gone, because he has been around and I have spent some time with him, and even though I was afraid of him scratching me from time to time or even scratch my daughter (which he did once), he still was a part of the family, and losing him was something that they didn’t want to happen. But it was what needed to happen, since he was suffering so much and he just needed to be in peace .


Pets are a gift to have and it’s precious to love and cherish them. It is hard when it is time for them to go and you don’t want to think about it. But it happens and even though we hate it, it’s just a way of life. It is something that we just have to accept even though we don’t want to. So we just have to enjoy them while we have them and take good care of them because they don’t care of what condition you are in. Give them your heart and they will give you theirs .


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