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The Truth About the Ferocious Pit Bull

by Sabrina Persona 4 years ago in breeds

Might Not Be So Ferocious After All...

Picture of Cesar Millan, professional dog trainer, and his Pit Bull, Junior. Photo Credit from  

I’m sure most of you have heard stories of how dangerous and aggressive “Pit Bulls” are. Some people say they can even lock their jaws after biting down on something, causing a grip so deadly none can escape. Well for those of you with an open mind and who are capable of forming your own thoughts, I am here to tell you the TRUTH. Don’t believe everything you hear on television or read on the Internet. Have you ever heard of Or maybe you’ve already heard about how the word “gullible,” for some crazy reason, isn’t listed in the dictionary. Well enough random facts, let’s start talking about these dogs that are considered a “bully breed.”

First things first, let me inform you all that I actually grew up in a household that raised me to believe that I should fear Pit Bulls. My own father was the one who cautioned me about these ferocious dogs. He warned me about the fact that they were the only dog breed in the world, who could lock their jaws when they bite you. I was terrified of these dogs as a child. However, as I got older, I started to realize that this world is not always as it seems. I realized that if I really wanted to know the truth about something, I was going to have to go back and double check the facts for myself. And thanks to Google, it was as simple as pressing a few keys.

The first thing I decided to look into was the frightening fact that Pit Bulls have locking jaws. So I just typed, “Do Pit Bulls have locking Jaws?” into Google and I came across countless pages of websites saying, “NO! PIT BULLS DO NOT HAVE LOCKING JAWS.”,, and are just a few of the websites de-bunking this myth and even naming multiple veterinarians who confirm the fact that the skull of a Pit Bull has no locking mechanism. The skull of a Pit Bull is no different than that of any other dog when it comes down to general bone structure. Not only are they incapable of locking their jaws, but when it comes down to bite force, the Pit Bull doesn’t even have the strongest bite in the dog world. In 2005, National Geographic decided to test the biting strength of a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and an American Pit Bull Terrier. And who do you think came in dead last? That’s right, the Pit Bull, our ferocious furry friend.

You see, almost all throughout human history you find people using scapegoats. If something isn’t quite going as planned, it’s just so much easier for them to blame someone or something else. Almost like clockwork, every 10 years the media seemed to pick a different dog breed to label “aggressive and dangerous.” In the 70s it was the Dobermans who were under attack, in the 80s German Shepherds were the dogs to fear, in the 90s the new targets were the Rottweilers, and now the Pit Bulls are the dogs to stay away from. One moment the Pit Bull Terrier is staring in comedies alongside children like, Our Gang and Buster Brown in the 1920s through 1940s. The next moment the breed becomes actually banned in certain cities because of their “dangerously aggressive” behavior. You really can’t believe everything you are told. Especially now that Cheeto man is in power!

The point is that any dog can be good, just like any dog can be bad. The animal responds to their owner. They feed off their energy and obey their commands. Show your pet love and you will receive love in return, be unjust and unkind to your animal and you might not like what they give you in return. So remember, don’t judge a book by its cover because it might be a little misleading at first. And try to take everything with a grain of salt or you might end up actually looking for the word gullible in the dictionary.


Sabrina Persona

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