The Rottweiler with Strength

by Melina King-Visser about a year ago in adoption

Part 1

The Rottweiler with Strength

It's so cold. So lonely. The hunger is eating me away. I am just wasting away. I miss my old pack they were there for me they cared for me I meant something there. My mummy was the leader she was beautiful a picture of pure intelligence and love she was warm and cosy caring too. I miss her. My brothers were boisterous and almost seemed as though they were brainless, but even though they showed thick skulls and thick skin to passers-by they were always soft and warm caring and ready to listen. My sisters were strong and powerful but beautiful to they loved to be the centre of attention, they would always sit in regal positions with heads held high to show their proudness of who they were. They were fun we played all the time together we all wanted to grow up and be strong and proud like our mum. I always thought I would see her again or them but one by one we all went to new homes and had new packs to take care of. I hope they are where they are loved. That was once me, I was once loved.

I am now in someone’s garden tied to a fence. I don't understand what I did wrong but only that I have been here for a while now. I don't keep track of time anymore I should be glad this grass hides me from them.

What is that? I hear a noise. Am I going to get to play? I love to play. My favourite game is tuggie and I am really good at it. I will hold out my paw and tilt my head to one side open my eyes real wide and they will play with me. They may see me wane look and thin stature and give me some food just a crumb will be nice. I'll wag my tail or what’s left when I was born a man in a green outfit cut it off, so now it's more like a little stump. Maybe they have forgiven me and come to love me again just to feel their warm touch will be a blessing after all this time. I don't understand the tongue of human packs but I think there talking about me “dog” that's being said a lot and sounds so familiar.

“We are taking your dog under the grounds of neglect.”

There walking towards me they haven't done that in a long time.

“Hello girl, you poor thing, you look hungry want to come for a ride with us? Good girly.”

They're touching me, these people are not my usual human pack they're different nicer and kinder. They're taking me away from my pole maybe they want to play I will just have to entice them. I'll grab the lead and pull and pounce and play.

“Nice to see the life in you, baby girl, in the car you get.”

Wow a car journey haven’t had one of those for a while I wonder where we are going. I hope there is people I love people. There is loads of dogs here and I get food every day and walks too and I get to see loads of people too. Some of the dogs get to go with the humans and they don't come back there always excited and happy to go. I keep coming back to the same cage when they are finished walking me and playing with me. I wonder why so many dogs come and go.

People are standing outside my cage, they don't normally they normally scurry past leaving the smell of fear and anxiety behind. I wonder why these people are just standing there looking at me. They're talking.

“We would like to adopt the Rottweiler, please.”

I have heard people say adopt before does this mean I get to leave and not come back? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe they're taking me home like my last owners did. I get to play with people again and get kisses and tasty food. They're opening the cage, lead in hand I'm getting fuss and there’s all kinds of smells.

Another car journey, I'm so lucky they play with me every day and I get kisses and lots of affection and love. I have never felt so lucky so much food and walks and soft bedding.

Then one day the words came and the emotions in the air was sorrowful, happy stressed. I didn't know what to do comfort or hide, but I stayed by my master's side when she told my other master what she had told me.

“Honey, I got some news I am pregnant.” She was stroking my head, master jumped with the excitement he was so happy he started talking really fast.

“We need to start planning, I agree. We need to think about babies' room, belongings and safety. Which means we will also have to think about Bracken too.”

I have heard her say Bracken before but don’t know what it means it seems to be of some importance.

“It is just too dangerous she has to go.”

I don’t know what’s happened but everything’s changed there is tears and smiles sometimes I get a fuss and treats, but not a lot. Now I am back at that place where I first met my masters. It has three walls and a metal door where people look at me on the way past.

It’s not too bad here, I get food and love and cuddles from the people. I have a warm soft plush bed; toys and they groom me too. I get to go on walks and play and smell all the dogs that go past and smell the food being made in the kitchen. I listen to the people as they pass by a lot of them just glimpse at me and shake their heads. They don't come say hello at all others though they touch my door and look in they say I'm cute, but the bigger people say no I'm too big. I don't see how, they're bigger than me. Most the time people say I'm dangerous before they walk away. I been in here for some time now that I have stopped paying attention to the conversations going on around me.

Today a nice lady came in with food how I love my food, she was talking to a man outside my door. All I want is food I'm so hungry, come on dinner.

“She has been here just too long, no one has shown her any interest it's the kindest thing to do, we could save money on her and spend it on several other animals. It will save on our resources and she won’t develop health problems because of being shut away alone in a kennel all day. I’m sorry I know you really care for her since she came in, unless you can find someone willing to take her on, then this is what we have to do.” The man was saying sorry he seemed really upset.

“We have to do something she is only a year old; she needs tender loving care that's all I will find someone who will take her. I will talk to everyone I know and I will get the words out there to everyone. I will get her out of these kennels.”

“Okay just this once, we can't do this for all the animals as we don't have the facilities. I hope it goes well you have two days.

The next day the nice lady came in with a lead and she seemed really happy. The lady took me out with all my belongings. She let me in the front of the car and dropped me off at this strange place. There was strange scents and smells and the humans were really kind to me the woman was talking and the man seemed strange. He was wary of me the same way everyone else was at the cages. There's no cage now though I can pounce and show them who I am.

“Just ignore her she is a bit excited I promise she is just talking with you.”

I like it here it's so nice I will show this man just how much I like him. I need to give him kisses and hugs and tell him just how much I care.”

Melina King-Visser
Melina King-Visser
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