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The Redemption of an Abused Dog

by Mackenzie Macdonald 4 months ago in dog

My man didn’t tolerate messes and put me outside, why would she let me back in? Did she not know about my accident? Did she not know how messy and terrible I am?

Today was a good day, I got food this morning and they left the gate open for me to go and see the others that I talk to through the fence! Upon the thing with four circular objects that moves the box around leaving with them in it I run for the open gate. But out of nowhere I am yanked back with such a force that I began to cough. Once my throat stopped throbbing and the pain lessened I looked to see who pulled me back, but no one stood there instead I saw a line that went to something in the ground by my food dish. The line followed me as I walked around, what was this? I start to chew on it, maybe it’s a toy? Eventually the line broke and I wasn’t trapped! I run straight forward through the gate and follow the smell of my friends. Tracking them was easy, it was finding a way around their fence that kept them trapped. I began to call out to them.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” I shout, but there is no answer. Where could they possibly be? I attempted to look through the cracks but there was no sign of my friend. “Friend? Friend?!” I shouted one more time. Still no answer. I hang my head as I turn to go find another friend when a familiar voice chimes out.

“Hey! Who are you?!” they seemed aggressive, but why? I was only there to play, maybe their people left the gate open two!

“I’m your friend! From down the path.” they sniffed me through the gate, and I could hear his tail wagging.

“Friend!!” we began to cheer, when a loud noise came from inside the large dog house that the people stayed in.

“Chance, what is going on?!” they sounded mad I got ready to run but then turned to my friend.

“I’ll get you out!” I barked.

“It’s okay,” my friend trotted up to the person, then looked at me. “Say hi to Christy, she’s my person!”

“What?” I cocked my head to the side in confusion.

“Well hello there.” her voice was soft. Why was it soft? She peered over the fence at me and then it opened. I jumped back in surprise. I started to run but she caught me. Why would she catch me? What did I do? I was being good. She welcomed me into the fenced area where I stared around in confusion, what was this place.

“Chance, hungry?” My friend ran into the large dog house as soon as the girl opened the door. He went inside! What is this? She closed the door and I watched as she got him food, despite having ate this morning I was still hungry. Chance ate his food slowly like he wasn’t even that hungry. The door opened and she was holding something, when she stepped out I ran away to the back, after being fed I avoided my man. She set the bowl down and walked back inside.

I ignored the dish until a breeze brought the smell over to my nose, it was food. More food? But why? After a bit of deciding I ran to the dish eating the food fast so that the owner could take the dish when needed. Chance stared at me through the door, why was he allowed inside? We just make a big mess, and are too stupid to clean up after ourselves. Or maybe that was just me.

“You can come in,” her voice rang out as she opened the door. With great hesitation I entered the premises, last time I was in a building this big I had an accident. My man didn’t tolerate messes and put me outside, why would she let me back in? Did she not know about my accident? Did she not know how messy and terrible I am?

“You poor thing, how long were you out in that freezing weather?” She walked over wrapping me in a large soft warm object. She picked me up and gently carried me over to what looked like a long cushy bed with cushy arms. Why is she being so nice? Is this how humans are supposed to be? Are they supposed to be loving and sweet instead of continuously yelling and hitting me with thrown objects? As she continued to hold me in her lap Chance joined us on the weird bed and laid down beside us. This was nice, why did I not get this life to start with?

Mackenzie Macdonald
Mackenzie Macdonald
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Mackenzie Macdonald
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