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The Real Reason the Husky on First Avenue Hates Me

I was concerned for his welfare, but it backfired

By Sandi ParsonsPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Image by Yumitra Kannan from Pixabay

The Husky on First Avenue never really liked me. The first time I, Rotto, walked past, he was angry. He woofed rather aggressively — something about how this was HIS street.

Okay, I admit it, I was a little bold the next time I walked down First Avenue. I woofed right back. I told him I was just walking on the footpath, thank you very much. And that furthermore I was allowed to walk on the footpath. I know this because whenever I bark at people on the footpath outside my house. My people tell me it's okay. That's what footpaths are for. But the Husky wouldn't listen. He was way too busy telling me off.

My people were trying hard to train me. They said I should ignore the other dogs that woofed at me when I was walking. I, Rotto, I'm just little, but I was learning more every day. Not woofing back was so tricky because I really wanted to. Eventually, I could walk right past the Husky as he woofed.

I didn't like ignoring him, but my people said it was the best option. Nobody wins if everyone is woofing. I, Rotto, was pretty proud that I could make my people happy. Besides, every time I made it past without yelling back at the Husky, I would get a treat. That treat made not barking worthwhile.

But one day, everything changed. And it's not really my fault. Not really.

Here's what happened.

I was on my Rott-trot, heading down First Avenue. All was silent at the Husky's place. That was a bit unusual. Usually, I can hear from him well before I see him. So I stopped, I looked and, I sniffed.

Then I found him. The Husky was fast asleep.

He was asleep right next to his fence, snuggled in close. In fact, he was snuggled up to the fence so tightly that his ear flopped out under the gate, onto the footpath.

There it was. One Husky ear, just laying in front of me.

Now, I don't know what you would do, but I, Rotto, was concerned.

Maybe there was something wrong with the Husky?

Maybe the Husky was sick?

There was only one thing to do. I had to check. So, I sniffed his ear, because the nose always knows.

My nose always knows | Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons

At first, I was gentle—just a tiny whiff. The Husky didn't twitch.

Next, I gave his ear a super big sniff. And the Husky didn't move.

The Husky was sleeping HARD.

This made me even more concerned. Because I, Rotto, am a very caring dog.

So out of concern — purely concern, there was no malicious aforethought on my part — I gently touched his ear with my nose.

Now the keyword here is gently. I was super gentle. I have never touched anything so gently in all my life.

But see, that's when the Husky woke up. With my nose touching his ear. And he was MAD.

You have never seen a dog more upset than that Husky was.

And the thing is, the Husky has never forgiven me. Now when I'm on a Rott-trot going down First Avenue, the Husky starts yelling up a storm as soon as I get within sniffing distance.

Sometimes I'm good, and I sail straight past. I've got the high moral ground.

Other times I yell right back at him because he could have shown just a little appreciation that I cared enough to stop and check on him.

So yeah — that's why the Husky on First Avenue hates me because I showed great concern for his welfare.

Rotto is a two-year Staffy Kelpie cross. He lives with his two favorite people and his sister Chilli, a Red Heeler.

The Real Reason the Husky on First Avenue Hates Me was first published in Dog Tales.


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