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The Persian Cat

Why Every "Cat Person" Adores Them

By Jord TuryPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

There's something rather majestic about the Persian cat – don't you think? There's that slight resemblance that we often see in ourselves when we're at our lowest. They're grumpy in appearance, lazy in character, and overall pretty strange to look at when hardly groomed. But, for some reason, we, as cat lovers, can't help but adore their qualities for every time they're brought up in conversation.

The Persian breed is famously known for having the smushed features, flat faces and handlebar-like moustaches. These glorious and unique characteristics all mould together to make one of the most adored pets in the world. And, the fact that they're sort of rare here in the UK makes them even more in-demand household companions.

You'll hardly ever see a Persian cat out on the back alleys of the UK. Well, the reason behind that is because anybody who can so much as afford one will never let it out of their sights. Plus, Persian cats are very house proud pets. They tend to find one area that suits them best and stick to it until you literally budge them aside. That, of course, means the chances of finding a stray Persian are about as slim as finding a needle in a haystack.

Going out and finding your perfect flat-faced friend can be a little tricky. And, unless you search for a Persian breeder around the few holes in the country, you're going to struggle recruiting one into the family fold. This is purely down to the fact that breeding Persian kittens is both an expensive and hands-on business. It requires a lot of time and devotion in order to bring the little bundles of fluff into the world. So, of course, the asking price sort of makes sense when you think about it.

On average, a UK citizen will pay anything between £300 and £500 for a Persian kitten from a breeder. Anything less and you're essentially looking at a scam or back-alley deal. But, this price is normal for this type of pet. These aren't exaggerated figures and the work put into caring for them really is included in the price tag.

Owning a Persian cat has both pros and cons, of course. Sure, they're very cute and charming. However, that being said, unless you're prepared to deal with the constant moulting of hair then you might want to consider an alternative breed. This, unsurprisingly enough, is because the Persian is infamously known for leaving endless trails of hair wherever it lays paw. This is something that, if not maintained, can often lead to a very messy appearance and knotted coat. So, either keep the vet on speed dial for a weekly trim, or have the brush on hand for whenever you think the locks are straying too wide.

Persian cats are both loyal and friendly. They're also very shy and lazy. This essentially means that rather than scarpering up trees and chasing mice like most breeds, Persian's will likely idle by the food bowl and yawn until bedtime. That's what you're paying for: the easy-going companion who'll never really take you by surprise.

It's clear to most pet owners that the Persian cat is one of the most loved types of animals in the world. It's a bundle of joy that can give you many, many happy years with enough furry companionship to last a lifetime. But, this doesn't mean it's an easy ride, my friends. If, however, you are up for the task of raising one of the beautiful breeds, then get yourself signed up for the ride today.

We love them. Do you?

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