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The Muppet cat gave birth to 19 babies at a time, and every time she fed, she had this look: These are all my babies?

by xiaozi 4 months ago in cat
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Muppet CAT is a very beautiful cat, it gives a person's feeling is always quiet, fairy full appearance, and the price on the market is extremely expensive, but it is worth it, after all, people are also the cat industry in the biggest, is the so-called jin said a little heavier

Usually there are only 1-3 Muppet cats produced at a time, and sometimes there are only 7 or 8 muppet cats. Otherwise, they would not be so expensive because they are produced in small numbers, but there are exceptions.

The mother cat gave birth to 19 puppets at a time. Looking at the small puppets on the ground, she was almost afraid of clustering. The funniest thing is that every time the mother cat fed her milk, she would show a skeptical look, not believing that they were her own.

The Muppet Cat gave birth

The Internet user made the big decision to breed her Muppet cat in April, when she turned 2 years old and became a full-grown feline.

So they took the cat to the pet shop, after half a month, finally successfully pregnant, the following days, is waiting for the baby to be born, generally speaking, Muppet cats do not have too many babies, especially the first baby, the number will be even less.

A few days ago, the Muppet cat finally gave birth, but this number is obviously too much, as the process of cat birth, more and more kittens came out, at last, there are 19 so many, which may have broken the world record.

Looking at these densely packed small hair, netizens are really surprised and happy, but it is bitter cat mother, suddenly to take care of so many children, just think of it has been tired.

"Mother Cat questioned

Looking at the small puppets, netizens felt for the first time that they should be careful at home, because they do not know when they will step on them, this is not the most tired, if the cat continues to grow up, the house full of puppets, how much food and cat litter.

After observing over the past few days, Internet users have noticed an interesting thing. Every time the little Muppet pounced on the mother cat to drink milk, it has a shocked expression on its face, as if it doesn't realize that it is already the mother of 19 children.

The most important thing is that it always looks at the owner with a puzzled look, as if they do not believe that they gave birth to so many, but also thought that the owner stole someone else's cub back?

Mother Cat: Are these really my own?

Although the face does not believe, but the body is very honest, the kitten came over, the mother cat will take the initiative to feed them, is a good mother image. But many netizens are concerned that this netizen is going to make a fortune, so many small puppets, can be sold for a lot of money, it can be said that the mother cat is not only a cat, or RMB!

It was too much to take care of, and this cat was too little, too easy, and the child was spoiled to the limit.

The CAT WAS PRODUCED LAST YEAR, ORIGINALLY LEARNED THAT THE CAT WAS PREGNANT, shovel EXCREMENT OFFICIAL excited, ALSO CHECKED a lot OF information ON THE Internet, in order to meet the arrival of the children, THE NET FRIEND THE HOME OF THE CAT SUPPLIES prepared several.

When the cat gave birth, it ended after giving birth to only one. This psychological gap is really a little big, but it is OK to give birth to one, at least it is born.

Just the mother cat only with this "only son", or very relaxed, and the cat, since childhood has not been wronged, all the milk is its, there will not be other cats to grab, now are a little overbearing.

Finally, on the question of whether to let the cat bear, if there is a plan to bear, it is necessary to consider the problem after the birth of the child, if not consider the situation of bearing, for the health of the cat, you can choose to neuter


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