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The Life of Poosey.

A Cats Eye Viewpoint!

By Carol KilbyPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Clever Cat!

My Mum and Dad used to go out nearly every day and leave me home alone, but recently, Mum stopped going out.

She came home early one day when Dad was already home and she started crying. Dad hugged her and I could hear her say...I've lost my Job! Job? Wonder what that is and how could she lose it? Thing Mum stays at home and that means I don't get to do the fun things I did when they were both out.

I am pretty good at amusing myself, when I'm not napping, that is! Lots of my time is spent catnapping because when I play, I play hard, so I tire myself out very easily. I can nap anywhere, but I mostly like to lay on the lino floor in front of the doorway and get the nice breeze.

I have lots of toys to play with, but seriously, who wants to bat at a stuffed mouse all day? I tired of playing in the box after the first day, besides, I have discovered much better places to play or snuggle in for a nap. Problem that Mum is home most of the time...she rouses at me and chases me away from the fun stuff.

You see, I found the best, cosiest place to nap, is in Dads wardrobe! All I have to do is push my head into the edge of the door and it slides open. Easy!

Well, when Mum saw me in there, she yelled at me to "Get out you naughty cat!" She said I left my Fur on Dads clothes. What? I never left my Fur anywhere but on my beautiful body. Mum can't talk! I saw her hairbrush, she leaves her hair in that all the time.

Mum started closing the sleeping room door to stop me getting into the wardrobe! I just sat at the door for awhile, watching how they got in. Finally it came to me. All I needed to do was jump up and pull down on the black thing and the door opens. Hmmm...I wonder how I do that...

Bump! Boof! Clack! Uhhh! Meow....I'm in!

Mum came running and found me in the wardrobe and she wasn't very happy. "How did you get in there?" she said. She grabbed me and put me back outside the door and pulled the door shut hard. Not again, I thought, oh well here goes. Wait! Mum is watching me and she is holding that square thing that she often aims at me...what is she doing with that? Should I be so bold as to try again while she is there?..Bump! Boof! Meow....I'm in! Removed again too!

I heard Mum talking to Dad when he came home and she showed him that square thing she is always looking at. They laughed and Dad said "Clever cat". They must have thought I was one of those lazy stupid cats that sit around on humans laps all day. Not for me! I need my fun and games.

Imagine my surprise when the next day when I tried to get into the room, there was this horrible squealing pig standing there! Well, it wasn't making the noise then, but I've heard it before. It's the worst noise, I kid you not. I'm not going in there with that living in there!

I snuck into the office room and jumped up on Mum's desk so I could watch the birds out the window. I like doing that...I'm gonna get you one day....I say in my chattering sounds...but as I jumped up, I knocked all these papers onto the floor and you guessed it...Mum came running in. Get off there you naughty cat! She lifted me up and plonked me on the floor. MEW!! the temptation was too great and I quickly jumped up again, but this time I was careful to not knock anything off. Chatter....chatter with my mouth...gonna get you....Mum pulls out the square box again and aims it at me. Then she tells me I am cute and to be careful next time. From naughty to cute, just by!

My most favourite thing to do is, race from one end of the house up the hallway to the other end. Mum laughs and she told Dad that I make funny noises, like someone pulling my cord Pbrr....brup and then off I go! Hey Mum, Newsflash, I don't have a cord, that's my tail! They both laugh and try to make my noises, no chance humans can get that right.

Sometimes I run so fast that when I come to the corner of the hallway, I just kind of drift around it. This messes up the mat and I often hear Mum saying that I am always messing up the mats, but it's so much fun and she laughs anyway. The other mat sometimes skids down the hall with me. It's like I'm riding on one of those magic carpets! Cool fun!

You know, it's pretty tough being a cat!

Just when you learn the new tricks and start to have fun, the human comes along and spoils it all for you. They change things, lock things or get other horrible pet Pigs to stop you going into rooms. I must admit, I have the best Cat Tree though, right in the main room where we all sit at night and watch strange people on the talking box.

I often scratch and sharpen my claws on the rope on the cat tree, it feels pretty good. I have to be careful, because one day I forgot and started scratching my claws on the floor rug, and Dad yelled at me and chased me away from it. I try not do that when he is that for when they are both out!

I have some tricky things worked out for the next time they both go out, but I'm not telling my secrets because then Mum will find ways to stop me. I'm just having fun, Mum!

Poosey in Dads wardrobe.

Meeeooow! A cats Life! I have a good life. Love it when Mum goes out for a little bit and when she comes home, she has bags with my food in it. Wonder where she gets it? Lots of different things to eat...yummmm, makes me hungry thinking about it.

The only thing I would change is my name! Why couldn't they call me Tom, Tabby anything....but POOSEY!


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