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The Kitten From the Sea

by A. L. Meade 10 months ago in cat
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Kimchee’s Story


Long ago there was a kitten born on a boat. His eyes shone bright and blue like the sea on a sunny day. He has a curly white coat with an orange nose and an orange tail. This kitten had brothers and sisters and many feline friends to spend his days with if he chose, as the humans on the boat were not particularly pleasant. Each day the kitten climbed high into the sails, up to the skies and watched the boat journey on and on through the water. The kitten was not very fond of water he came to find, so being up high in the sails was his favorite spot to be. This kitten, who was later to be called Kimchee, became tired of the life at sea at a very early age. He just couldn’t get used to it. He was tired of hunting rats and mice to eat and never feeling completely satisfied if he could even catch one at all. He wasn’t that good at hunting. He was tired of raging sea storms that rocked the boat and sprayed cold, unforgiving sheets of water on to the decks. Kimchee often became seasick and lonely. He was thin and always very dirty. His brother and sister cats on the other hand, loved being on the boat. They had a sailers intuition just like the people down there did. They were gruff and tough and usually stayed below deck in the shadows. From the sails in the sunshine Kimchee watched the other cats as best he could. He watched the people, too. They all wore big heavy boots, striped shirts and had mean, tough voices. They were loud and wretched. One man had a hook for a hand, another wore an eyepatch and one time Kimchee even saw one of them force a man off of a plank. Yes- walked him straight off the plank with the tip of his big, shiny sword. Yes- this was a pirate ship. And a pirates’ life was NOT for Kimchee. The other cats loved the pirates and wanted to be just like them. They were independent and were one among the pirates. But Kimchee wanted the life of a house cat, which he had heard many tales of before late at night when he and his brothers and sisters were very little. He never forgot those stories of the house cat. He imagined himself a house cat. He dreamed of being a house cat. Eating as much food as he wanted at any time. Sleeping whenever and where ever he wanted. Getting his claws and whiskers trimmed gently because they were curly, as he is a high maintanence boy. Getting his hair combed out, for it was also curly and easily became course with snarls if neglected. Sisal scratching posts with high towers and beds on top of each post. Tiny little toy mice with little bells that smelled like cat nip. Even little toy tacos with fish inside. Fish tacos. Stuffed fish and not those that swam through the deep sea. And a seperate embellished, light blue plate for wet food only. And a different flavor everyday. A fat house cat life was the life for Kimchee. Oh, yes. But alas, that really is the life of Kimchee. He has never been out of the house except for occasional trips to the vet. He is a spoiled, rotten baby and everyone loves him. He really does eat as much food as he wants and sleeps anywhere and everywhere, usually on the nearest human chest he can find. Kimchee has always been an inside cat, he is a Selkirk Rex and he has the personality of a dog and a temper of an old and cranky man sometimes. He has one big tooth left in his mouth and a meow that sounds like a very quiet hawk. He is ten years old, and he is one good boy that perhaps dreams of pirates in his spare time, but probably, definitely, dreams of eating wet food instead.


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