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The headless rooster survived 18 months after being decapitated

by Na Dunshie 4 months ago in wild animals
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The headless rooster survived 18 months after being decapitated

Ancient Chinese emperors often used the punishment of "noon beheading" to grant death to others. In people's eyes, this punishment is absolutely "no one survived".

But there was a miracle in the animal kingdom. A rooster survived for 18 months after being decapitated, and even gained five pounds. It's incredible to think about it...

So what's going on here? What's so special about this headless rooster?

On September 10, 1945, farmer Lloyd Olson prepared a delicious lunch of a rooster from his chicken coop for his visiting mother-in-law.

According to the process of killing a chicken, we cut the neck of the chicken to bleed, and wait for the chicken to die before boiling water to remove the hair, but Olsen was more simple and brutal, because he knew his mother-in-law loved to eat chicken neck, he directly cut off the head above the neck. After that, Olsen drops the rooster on the ground and, thinking it will bleed to death of natural causes, goes on to prepare for the next step.

But didn't come back to see a scene of terror, the headless bird stood up and began walking in crooked, even in the observation after a period of time, this cock seemed to show no signs of die for slaughter, even from his neck sends out the loud gurgling sound, habitually doing give him its action.

Intrigued, Olson speculated that god had chosen not only to spare him, but also to take better care of him and name him Mike.

How do headless chickens live?

The first challenge was feeding. As a headless rooster, Mike no longer had any tools to feed on, and often secreted mucus blocking his windpipe when he was beheaded.

After several attempts, Olson found a way to use a needle to remove mucus from Mike's esophagus every day. He then injected fine grains, mixed with milk or water, into Mike's esophagus to keep him alive. Miraculously, Mike survived this day after day care.

It didn't take long for the story of Mike the headless rooster to spread through the streets. People were so intrigued by the novelty that people were visiting Olson's farm every day, and reporters were coming to cover Mike's story and writing about it in the local paper.

Hope Wade, an out-of-town acrobat, saw a business opportunity and drove up to Olson to discuss bringing Mike on the tour. When Olson heard mike could make money for himself, he quickly agreed, and the headless chicken was on its way to stardom.

With the headless chicken stunt, Wade's circus tour was a hit and a bonanza.

Wade decided that if he could only find out why Mike was alive, he could make more headless chickens to make money, so he took Mike to the University of Utah.

Biologists here, too, were stunned by Mike's survival, and it took several rounds of careful research to unravel the mystery of his survival.

Why don't chickens die without their heads?

As it turns out, Mike's head wasn't completely damaged. Olson's knife, which was slant, only chopped off about 20 percent of the head. The brain stem, which controls the brain, wasn't damaged, so Mike survived, but it's still a miracle that cannot be replicated.

After learning that "Headless Chicken" was a random event, Wade dejected and went on tour with Mike. But the star's moment only lasted 18 months before he was taken care of by Wade.

Many people tried to create another headless chicken, but none succeeded, and Mike has since become a myth.

Scientists weren't interested in recreating a headless chicken. Instead, they were concerned that Mike had gained 5 pounds despite a head injury that left him unable to feed on his own.

Scientists say knowing where to control the weight of chickens could lead to chickens that grow meat faster by cutting out the area, providing a better development path for the domestic chicken market.

In the end, Okawa feels more sympathy for Mike the headless chicken than disbelief. No matter for what purpose, we should not disregard life, more should not be single-minded in the pursuit of fame and wealth.

As the Humane Society accused Olson, a headless rooster is inherently painful, and not giving it a good time is torture, and people should not lose their basic compassion...

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