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The Gorgeous Pomsky Dog Breed

by Sarah Rodgers 9 months ago in breeds

All about Pomskies

The Gorgeous Pomsky Dog Breed

A new breed has been added to the wonderful world of dogs! The magnificent, beautiful Pomsky breed is a designer breed that was made with the intention of having a beautiful husky dog in a small toy body. To do this, the small perky Pomeranian dog breed is bred with the elegant Siberian Husky breed. While not all Pomskies are small, they are all gorgeous beyond compare, making them an excellent pick for Instagram fame and family photos.

If you're like me, you probably look up puppy pictures on Pinterest or the web just for the cuteness. Well, be prepared for a new kind of cute. Not only do Pomskies come with a natural beauty hard to pass up, but they also come in a vast variety of styles, and I mean loads of them! There are even some Pomskies that resemble a fox. That's right; with their unique ancestry, it's hard to determine what the Pomsky will look like until it's born. The only sad thing about this is you might not be able to find a Pomsky for sale that matches pictures you might find on the internet.

What are the colors of a Pomsky?

Pomskies come in a large variety of colors. Since the Pomsky is a mixed breed of the Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, their colors will differ tremendously. But, just so I don't keep you on your toes wondering, I'll give you a list of the most common colors you can find on a Pomsky.

Some of the colors you might find on a Pomsky include black, white, cream, chocolate brown, dark brown, caramel, gray, orange, and soft white. They also come with different tones and mixtures, so you will most likely see a Pomsky with a mix of two or more of these gorgeous colors. The color of their eyes will depend on the gene they carry after most, some of the colors you might see on a Pomskies eyes include blue, brown, green, amber, hazel. It is also very common for a Pomsky dog to have two different colored eyes. The most valuable Pomskies, though, are ones with sparkling blue eyes.

Are Pomskies good pets?

They might be cute, cuddly, and full of love, but are they good pets? Get ready to be staggered, because a Pomsky puppy is the whole package. They are great pets! Pomskies enjoy exercises like running, jumping, and a game of fetch. They are also very hyper and love to be included in family activities. If you want a bundle of love and cuteness in one, the Pomsky dog is for you. Another great thing about Pomskies is they are super protective of their owners, and they will do whatever they can to keep their owners safe, which is especially great if you have small children.

What are the Characteristics of a Pomsky?

Pomskies are loving, active, energetic, protective, happy, and very smart dogs. They can also be stubborn at times making it a little bit harder to train than the average dog breed. But, they are brilliant, so once they get trained, they do very well. Pomskies also shed a mild amount of fur, and because of this, they will need to be brushed daily. They live 13-15 years of age and are usually healthy and energetic if they are appropriately fed and given daily exercise.

Now that you know all about the incredible Pomsky breed you can finally start searching them up and adding them to your “Cute Dogs” board that we know every true dog lover has. If you are interested in adopting a Pomsky, there are a lot of great options out there for you to choose from. Brookside Pomsky, however, is a great reputable breeder that you can trust with Pomsky puppies for sale. They also do Pomsky training if you don't want to go through the hassle of doing it yourself.

Sarah Rodgers
Sarah Rodgers
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