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The Gift That Keeps Giving

by Tina S about a year ago in adoption
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We didn't expect this to happen after saving a stray cat.

Teetee the cat - photo by author

On the 12th of March 2019, a white cat with black and orange spots walked into my life. Well, Teetee didn't actually walk, she limped. Let me go back to the beginning.

On a Tuesday morning, my father and I decided to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful sunny day in the village and as busy as ever. As we enjoyed the sun soaking into our skin, something was about to happen that would change our lives. Our stroll was abruptly interrupted by a sharp screeching of car tires a few feet in front of us. The horrifying howl-like sound that followed caught my attention. We looked up, and before I could fathom what was happening before my eyes, I found my dad running to the site. I tried to follow but it felt like my legs were glued stiff. I stayed still, staring at my father as several scenarios ran through my brain. A few moments later, my dad bent over and as he got up, a bloody, frightened, stray ran-over cat emerged in my fathers' arms. A scream fell from my mouth as my heart dropped. What made matters worse was the fact that the driver continued on without stopping and seeing what had happened. My dad looked me in the eyes, and without a word, we started running to our house.

I ran inside to grab the car keys, and we hurried to the vet. The more this poor cat cried, the more I wanted to find a way to make her feel better. As I couldn't get myself to enter the examination room, I waited anxiously as I heard her screams escape the thin walls. After what felt like hours, my dad came out with the cat still at hand and gave me a big smile. We were told that she's very lucky to not only be alive, but alive with just a couple of injuries. The veterinarian explained that she got hit in the face and might be scarred for life. He also said that she will continue to limp for the next couple of weeks until her injuries got better.

A closer look at Teetee's facial injury

And that is what happened. My father and I both knew that there was no way we could let this cat go. She was the sweetest cat I had ever met. Whenever anyone would walk past her, she'd waddle her way with the attempt to rub herself against their legs. I can personally say that it didn't take more than a couple of hours with this cat to be completely attached. This cat belongs in a house with a loving family. And that's exactly what I was determined to give her.

My father decided to name her Teetee, with reference to the first syllable of my name - Tina. He said that her strength and resilience reminded him of me and that no other name fit her better. As the weeks went by, her injuries got better but something continued to seem off with Teetee. She was continuously agitated. She couldn't sit still and seemed to be searching for something. I didn't think much of it as I thought maybe that's just her personality. At that time, she was healed enough to have become an indoor and outdoor cat. She'd roam the backyard and the neighborhood during the day and come back home for food, play, and sleep.

That was until one day, she went out one morning and didn't come back home later on in the day. I managed to maintain my worries as sometimes she'd enjoy spending the day in our neighbors' backyard. When I woke up the next morning to find out she hasn't made her way home yet, I entered a state any pet owner would enter when they find out their pet is missing -pure panic. We started searching and calling her name around the neighborhood, but there was no luck. Later on in the day, at around 5 P.M., I hear an enthusiastic call from my dad that was standing outside. I opened the window and he says, " Tina, Teetee wasn't the only survivor in the accident! There were 3 other survivors with her. She was pregnant!"

Teetee with her 3 little kittens

To say the least, I was beyond ecstatic. Not only did we find Teetee, but we now have several kittens as well! Without shoes on my feet, I ran outside to follow my dad to the site of the birth. As I saw her in the distance sitting under a lemon tree feeding 3 tiny little creatures, I was flooded with excitement. As it appears, Teetee had been pregnant during the car incident, and due to her small tummy, we didn't suspect a thing. It's crazy to think that if we hadn't been at the right place and at the right time, Teetee and 3 kittens would have been left to die.

Next to Teetee is the area in which she gave birth (her kittens are next to her)

She gave birth under this beautiful lemon tree. She had dug herself a hole in the dirt and gave birth in it. As soon as she saw us, she came running. Her babies were smaller than my palms. 2 kittens seemed identical to her while 1 was black and white. After getting clear instructions from the vet, we brought Teetee and our 3 new kittens home.

Fast forward a couple of months, these kittens along with their mother, grew up in a safe home where they were loved like crazy. Up until now, we’ve had the birth of two generations after Teetee. Our cat family keeps growing and my heart couldn’t be any happier with these adorable cats.

The 3 kittens


About the author

Tina S

A poet, writer, and health enthusiast. I like to take a scientific look at normal life experiences.

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