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The gentle hunter

He found friend in the forest

By BjaysmilesPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
Siting on deer🦌

Once upon a time, in a dense forest lived a hunter named Jaxon. He was known as the gentle hunter among the villagers because of his kind and compassionate nature. Unlike other hunters, Jaxon never killed an animal for sport or pleasure. Instead, he hunted only when necessary to feed his family and the people of the village. He never took more than what was needed and always ensured that the animals he hunted were killed humanely.

One day, while Jaxon was out hunting, he stumbled upon a young deer that had been wounded by a hunter's arrow. Jaxon felt a pang of sadness as he approached the deer, seeing the pain in its eyes. He knew he had to help the poor creature. Gently, he removed the arrow from its body, cleaned and bandaged the wound, and stayed with the deer until it was able to walk away on its own.

From that day on, the deer began to follow Jaxon whenever he was in the forest. It would come to him whenever he called and even allowed Jaxon to pet it and scratch behind its ears. Jaxon developed a special bond with the deer and began to feel a sense of responsibility towards it.

One day, while Jaxon and the deer were out foraging for berries, they stumbled upon a group of hunters who were setting traps for animals. Jaxon knew that these traps would cause immense pain and suffering to any animal that fell prey to them, so he decided to take action.

Jaxon carefully dismantled all the traps from the bushes, making sure that no animals would be caught in them. However, the hunters caught sight of Jaxon and the deer and immediately recognized them. They had heard of the gentle hunter and his special relationship with the deer. Angered, they confronted Jaxon, accusing him of interfering with their hunting and destroying their traps.

Jaxon tried to explain his reasons for dismantling the traps, but the hunters refused to listen. They attacked Jaxon, beating him mercilessly. The deer, sensing danger, tried to protect Jaxon by charging at the hunters. However, the hunters were too strong, and they managed to fatally wound the deer.

Jaxon was devastated. He had lost his closest friend and companion, and he knew that it was all his fault. He had put the deer in danger by trying to protect it from harm. He blamed himself for the deer's death and was overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and grief.

Days turned into weeks, and Jaxon's grief only grew stronger. He stopped hunting altogether, unable to bear the thought of causing more pain and suffering to innocent animals. He spent his days wandering aimlessly in the forest, haunted by memories of the deer and the hunters who had taken its life.

But one day, while Jaxon was sitting by the river, he saw a group of animals gathered around a wounded deer. Jaxon recognized the deer as the same one he had helped a few months ago. Tears welled up in his eyes as he realized that the deer had survived and was now being cared for by its own kind.

In that moment, Jaxon felt a sense of relief and happiness that he had not felt in weeks. He realized that even though the deer was gone, the memories and the lessons he had learned from it would stay with him forever. From that day on, Jaxon continued to live his life as the gentle hunter, but with a newfound sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the importance of compassion and empathy

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