The Frog and Other Visitors

by Tracy Lawson 2 years ago in exotic pets

A Simple Little Amphibian Visits

The Frog and Other Visitors

I love frogs. They're so beneficial and plus they're cute. Keeping bugs away. Every year, I would get visited by a frog or frogs. When Allie, my bearded dragon passed away, a month later, a toad paid a visit to me, every day. I looked up the mystical facts about frogs and toads visiting after a death. Well, the toad signaled that I was being visited by Allie's spirit. Whenever I would come visit her grave in the backyard, the little toad was there. It didn't flee. It stayed around for the whole summer. This year, a tree frog and a toad visited me again. This time, I was able to handle both without having them pee on my hands. All toads and frogs pee when nervous or it's a defense against predators. I have been told not to handle toads because they have warts and can cause warts. Well, thankfully, it hasn't been the case with any frog or toad. I've rescued both toad and tree frog from spider webs.One particular tree frog always seems to trust me and they even traveled to the stores with me. One day after a shopping trip, he had sneaked into the trunk of my SUV. I took him back to where I had believed he should be. The next day, he was stuck in between the plastic sheeting and door. It seems he liked to be warmed up and given the same love I gave to Allie. When he was done with getting warmed up and loved, he would leave. I think he was a miracle frog and visited every night, climbing on my windows. The toad didn't return, but the tree frog always did pay a visit either to eat the bugs or to send a message.

The Spirit of Allie


The spirit of Allie will always linger around Mr Maya, myself, and my Mom. She always makes appearances and sends us messages of her arrival. Whether pennies, toads, frogs, and sensations, she's always making herself known. Allie isn't the only spirit around here. All our dogs are also constant visitors of the spirit world.

The Butterfly

More visitors

Then there are the butterflies. All throughout spring and summer comes the butterflies as well. They are always flying around even when you don't have many flowers around. They are always out of reach, but they always come to visit. When my father passed away, the next spring came butterflies and not only butterflies, but dragonflies as well. Every visit from the toad, frog, insects, and the gathering of coins signifies that a spirit is visiting or reminding you they're always present to help protect you, give you message, and make you feel a little better to know you're not alone. You just have to know whose spirit is watching over you. It could be your relatives, spirit animals, and even God.

The Rainbow Bridge

Sadie, Pongo, Spike, Allie. Not pictured Dollie

When animals and reptiles pass, they are sent to wait by the rainbow bridge. The bridge is the crossing over to the other side. It is said that all the animals you have owned are waiting there for you. Many animals wait and when they recognize you, they'll come to you. They come over to you without a single problem. Cancer? Gone. Brain damage? Gone. Everything that ailed them has gone away. They're like cleansed from all disease and disorder. There are people who believe that animals don't go to heaven. But they all have souls too. If you would take the time to look into their eyes, you would see their soul. All animals have souls and are there to soothe your soul. When they soothe your soul, you're more relaxed and happier.

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