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The Everyday Life of Dogs

by Ana about a year ago in dog

Entering in their habitat.

The life of an animal is amazing, yet terrifying to live in. When it comes to having a dog, you'll either find them on the street, in shelters, homes, meat festival, or slaughter houses. Everyday a dog looks up to us humans to be their friend and why is that? Well they find shelter and comfort as we provide that for them to stay. Dogs also look for love with us as before they were with you, they must have had an owner who honestly didn't want to have the time to take care of them.

When you think about dogs, they're pets to us. Dogs are here to protect, be there for you, and be the goofballs they are. I have seen many dogs as I have worked at a Vet clinic and its amazing what kind of breeds they're are and the amount of training the owner has taught them to act else where. Most of them are either trained or not. As many dogs I have dealt with, honestly no dog should ever be treated less as nothing. They deserve the love and comfort as we give to our own children.

In today's society, you'll see dogs basically in dogs fights, to be eaten, or mistreated. These dogs have no clue why they get mistreated and it shouldn't be like that. In their minds, they see life with humans as for food, fun, and love. As for some owners they'll mistreat an animal for their own fun or revenge making videos out of it to make money. I believe if you've done that to an animal, why on earth keep it. Some people don't deserve to have dogs for their own amusement. It's crazy to know once a person picks up a dog from a shelter, they'll put on a show being a good person as the dog has no idea what's going to happen so they're happy to accept it. Although once they go home they get taken advantage of terribly. If you love dogs, you know this doesn't sit right in you're stomach.

In the everyday life of dogs, this is exactly how life goes for them even as puppies. Isn't it sad how this world can be so cruel. Now if you think it over, their needs be a law against for any person out there trying to adopt should have a background check to make sure dogs have a loving home. Out there, they're is also people who just dump dogs at lakes, dumpsters, or just far away from their home. The reason is that because either they're not the right breed, too old, too young, always aggressive, and tired of taking care of them. They don't know what's going on so once that's set in their heads, they become distant, find their way back, aggressive, find shelter, or die where they're at. Obviously, we never know if any person is good or bad as many will show to mostly be well when it comes to receiving a dog.

Now their are shelters with many dogs, but most of them won't make it out alive. Shelters all around the world are either a kill or non kill shelter. It saddens my heart because most places can't keep up as more dogs are coming in so they have to be put down. They will always try to find different ideas to have dogs adopted. The workers at shelters know it's a difficult job to accept we can't always save every dog, but we try to have hope. In my opinion, any person who sees a dog struggling out in the road, they should be helped. You never know if it could be a friend's dog lost or it has been mistreated so it needs help medically. Sometimes we all wish we could help the dog out ourselves, but all we can do is a phone call hopefully they take the animal into a better environment.

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to own my non kill shelter. I know as many dogs they're are, I'll do anything I can to provide the right materials to have them safe and loved. One day, not now but in the future I hope to stand by and save all the dogs I can do for. Just because they're a dog, doesn't they should be treated like they're nothing in this world. They will always mean something to everyone in different ways. Seriously though, how couldn't you not want to take care of a dog like you do for you're child. I understand now this is a different topic, but dog is just like a kid. The way you mistreat an animal, you are showing that to you're child to do as they older. If you love dogs and do anything to protect them, get a friend, family member, or anyone you know to help save them.

Everyone thinks dogs are nothing. Well I'm sorry to burst you're bubble, but they bring everything to the table. If you have ever noticed some people today are dealing with mental illnesses and because of that, we are able to provide service dogs. In order to do that, you need to have the proper training so they know exactly what to do for us. For an example, an older lady having seizures hitting her body on the ground even her head. While the dog sees the problem, he'll place his body under her head for protection to stop. They're are different dogs around the world who are able to be a service dog, but really all it takes is them to be a part of the family is all they want. As we protect each other, they look to us for that need and in return they can give us protection as well for say as in a break in inside the house. No dog is perfect, but as long as we can give them love and protection they'll do anything they can to stay with us for as long as they live.

After writing the lives dogs live in today, I believe everyone should have a different perspective how to treat an animal. I have dogs of my own and every time I look at them, I think of all the other animals out there trying to survive. I know one day everything will be restored. We as the people, are every dog's voice. We may not be able to know exactly how they feel, but they'll try to show us in action. I'd say start listening and paying attention to what a dog needs. You'll never know if that'll be the last day to see that dog again even our own. All it takes is one person to help an animal out so be their voice and action. To change one dog's life, but to go after every single dog is life changing. I believe as a community we can be the generation to make this happen. This make not happen as fast as we can hope for, but slowly if we all put our minds and hearts to the task we can achieve. My heart will always be praying and in hope of all dogs to be safe in a loving home. Their is no reason to wait and watch, when you could be the solution to making this happen for all dogs around. If everyone could just remember, all dogs will never be able to talk, but by their actions we can change their future for the better. As long as we focus, I know one day soon, dogs will be the everlasting in the end.



I’m a 23 year old wife & mama to a beautiful baby girl. I have a passion for helping dogs & cats, I’m a vet & kennel tech. I’ll do anything i can to move forward in a peaceful way in my crazy life.

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