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Welcome to the unwanted pest world! Insects, bugs, pests, stinging insects are everywhere and are just part of mother nature. Indeed, they are unwelcome on residential and commercial properties. Most residents don’t like the idea of harming pests, but the need to eliminate them and protect our families is much greater. Harming pests could be a disturbance to nature. It’s always important to consult with fully licensed pest control companies or experts before trying to tackle any pest issue or stinging insects on your own.

Dealing with pests can be daunting, but you have come to the right place. GreenLeaf pest control – Our goal is pest elimination while protecting you and your family, pets and the environment.

What are Stinging insects?

Wasps and Bees!

Identification is very important as there are a number of stinging insects that affect our homes but each with their own unique biology. For example, Yellowjackets and hornets are both actually types of wasps.

Facts about wasps and bees:

Wasps are typically much more aggressive than bees

Bees are pollen collectors where wasps are hunters

If you are not a professional it can be dangerous to approach stinging insects on your own

Wasps have much less body hair than bees

Wasps usually sting to defend themselves. Therefore, if they consider you as a threat they will try to sting you

They can also use their stingers to grab food in order to take it back to their nest

One thing to remember is wasps do not lose their stingers like bees. A bee’s stingers are barbed at the end so that the stingers pull itself out, along with the bee’s intestines. This is why they die.

On the other hand wasps have smooth stingers and can sting again and again, thus wasps do not die when they sting. Wasps can contain small amounts of venom. There are some species of hornets and wasps that can inject venom into their prey. This venom can cause an adverse reaction to its prey and can be significantly dangerous for some people.

PreventionTips: Stinging insects!

You can take action to ensure that stinging insects don’t ruin your fun in the sun!

Tightly Seal Garbages

Most stinging insects are attracted to food sources. Your garbage is a wasps feast.

Wasp and bee removal tip: Keep trash bins tightly sealed until garbage day!!

Properly maintain your lawn and Roof

Wasps also like to set up nests in rotting tree branches, clogged gutters, and messy shrubs. Keeping your lawn and roof clean will help make your home uninviting to these pests.

Eliminate Standing Water

Keeping your yard dry will keep all types of pests away. To avoid an infestation, make sure you remove tires, toys, or buckets that are collecting water in your yard.

Walk with Awareness

Be on the lookout for hives or nests. If you spot a nest proceed with caution and don’t poke at it as the wasps can become aggressive. Especially in mid-late July; wasp and bee season!

Cover up

If you can’t resist your BBQ temptation and enjoy an amazing outdoor meal, make sure you wear long sleeves and long pants! A layer of clothing will help you not to get stung!

Sugary drinks

Wasps and Bees love soft drinks, lemonade and sweet tea as much as you do. To avoid being stung by wasps and bees, refrain from these sweet drinks when you are outdoors.

TIP: Drink from a clear glass so that you can easily see any stinging insects that have snuck in!

Still dealing with wasps and bees? If you already have a wasp nest forming on your property don’t try to Do-It-Yourself. You should always contact a qualified pest-control specialist to properly remove the nest. Our technicians at GreenLeaf Pest Control are qualified and ready to help.

GreenLeaf pest control, we’re just a call away! (416) 998-9473

They also know where to look to find other wasps nests that haven’t become a problem yet. The result is pest free yard that you can enjoy without getting the risk of being stung.

For first time users $25 OFF or get extra warranty without an additional charge!

The GreenLeaf Way, Way Better!

About the Author:

Navjot Kaur, the Digital Marketing Specialist and Web-Developer at Greenleaf Pest Control. Happily graduated from Lambton College in Mobile app design & development. She is new to the pest control world. In her free time, she is an avid gardener, reader, likes to explore and definitely has some great dance moves.


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Protect yourself and your family from unwanted pests. For over a decade GreenLeaf Pest Control has provided safe & reliable pest control services in Toronto, Bradford & GTA. Contact us today (416) 998-9473

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