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The Circle Of Life With Kittens

Two cats at different times give birth to kittens in the same closet.

By Rasma RaistersPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

My journey through the world of cats and kittens has been a learning experience. A little over two years ago my friends had a lovely cat named Oreo. While she was still little she came upstairs since my friends live in the apartment below to visit me often. At that time my senior cat Sid, who was 13 got used to this little lovely creature coming to keep his Mama company.


Time went by and Oreo became pregnant. She knew my apartment was the one quiet place where she could safely keep her kittens. It so happened that one day she gave birth to four kittens in my closet. There was one girl and three boys.

Sid in a big box with Silky, then one of the kittens

My cat Sid was a joy to have around. He helped to herd those kittens and if older cats give advice to younger ones then I am sure he passed on a lot of knowledge.


I named the cats according to their coloring, There was Elvis, he just had the star look,


Charlie was the clown of the bunch always getting into trouble.

Then there was Blackie.

Silky all grown up

And finally, Silky who at first I named Rambo thinking she was a he but things turned out otherwise.

The kittens grew and two along with their mother Oreo were given to animal services.

I truly miss Oreo, Elvis and Silky remained with us. Unfortunately, fate was not kind to Elvis and he got struck and killed by a car.

Silky grew up into a real beauty.

My handsome Sid

Along the way, I am sad to say that my Sid passed on but the comfort I get is that he spent days and nights on the rooftop wanting to be closer to his Papa, my late husband and so I was glad to know they were together at last.

Sid on the rooftop

Now has come Silky's story. We think that one of the outside cats here named Tux is supposedly her father. Since her brother was gone and she grieved for him it was good that she could even share a bowl of milk with her father.

Silky and Tux

Having grown up into a beauty like her mother before anyone could blink an eye she got pregnant. It was with wonder while she was heavy with kittens that I watched her come to visit me and ask to be let into my closet.

I wondered as I know cats are intelligent creatures if she remembered that she was born there. It must have been that way because in the early hours of the Fourth of July this year she gave birth in the same closet to five kittens. There are four black and one grey.

Silky and her kittens

The gray one is the same coloring as her mother and her grandmother before her. She is the rambunctious one of the crowd and I fondly call her Wild Thing.

Wild Thing

So this story will progress as they grow a bit more being only a month old now and will probably all remain with us until September when the decision will have to be made who stays and who goes. Unfortunately, they are all so loveable and I have a large cat tree just ready for them which they will be introduced to soon.

And so as the song goes in the Disney movie "The Lion King" by Elton John "The Circle Of Life" Oreo gave birth to four kittens and now her daughter Silky gave birth to five kittens all in the same closet and the circle of life goes on and on.


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Rasma Raisters

My passions are writing and creating poetry. I write for several sites online and have four themed blogs on Wordpress. Please follow me on Twitter.

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