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The cats with the highest abandonment rate are unacceptable to many people

by bobo 2 months ago in cat
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Nowadays, more and more people keep cats, but there are also a lot of abandoned cats. Here are some of the cats with the highest abandonment rates that many people find unacceptable

One, fold ear cat

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A fold is a cat with a genetic mutation that folds its ears forward against its head and looks very sweet and cute. But the abandonment rate is very high.

In fact, fold cats have congenital chondrosis, and this disease is incurable, and once the onset, fold cats will be very painful, can only rely on drugs to relieve pain. So raising a fold cat, may need to spend a lot of time and energy to take care of it, medical expenses are also a lot of expenses, so many people will be sick fold cat abandoned.

Suggestion: Fold cats are the product of human aesthetic deformity, we do not recommend buying, no sale, no harm. If you already have a fold, take good care of it and don't abandon it.

Two, cat flower cat

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Cat is our indigenous cat, good physical fitness, handsome looks, and strong hunting ability, good adaptability, are very excellent cats.

But also because of the excellence of cat cat, it does not need to rely on human life, so it is inevitable that some wild, difficult to tame, they will not be like a pet cat to the master, more will not obediently let the master masturbate. And cat cat more yearning for the outside world, often secretly run out, this is a lot of people can not accept, so cat cat cat abandonment rate has been high.


Three, cow cat

Discard index: ★★★★

Cow cat refers to the black and white hair of the cat, this kind of cat looks very elf, handsome, so there are many people to raise.

But in fact, the cow cat is also known as the "cat in the two ha", their demolition ability is not lost two ha, even "blue", after all, the two ha can only scourge on the ground, and the cow cat is able to "on the house unroofed". This is a point that many pet owners can't bear.

There is also the personality of the cow cat is neurotic, often do unexpected things, minutes can be it out of blood pressure, which is one of the reasons cow cats are often abandoned.

Advice: Before you get a cow cat, ask yourself if you can accept its dishoming and neurotic behavior. If you can't, don't get one. And usually can play with cows and cats, consumption of its energy, which can also reduce the situation of demolition.

Four, hairless cat

Discard index: ★★★

Hairless cats are cats that have no hair on their bodies. They are highly intelligent, sensitive and love their owners very much. But many people get a hairless cat and then they abandon it. Why?

In fact, hairless cats are more difficult to raise, because there is no hair, so winter should be timely to give it the best warm work, avoid cold, summer also give it pet sunscreen, otherwise it is easy to sunburn, this is more delicate than human cats.

Plus the hairless cat's physique is relatively poor, need to spend a lot of time and energy to take care of, for a long time, will inevitably make people feel tired, so think of abandoning it.

Tip: Hairless cats are very smart, they can easily understand their owners, so it is not difficult to train, as long as with some snacks as a reward, it can learn a lot of skills, very fun.

Garfield the cat is the prototype of a famous animation, can be said to be a celebrity cat, is also a childhood memory of many people, but in fact, this cat is also relatively high abandonment rate.

Garfield is a hand-bred cat, so many basic skills, such as burying a stool, he is not able to. Garfield is a complete "life small white", if you want to feed it, you need to have a very good patience, to take care of it, teach it, which has persuaded a lot of people.

Coupled with the reason of the facial structure of Garfield, it is easy to appear breathing difficulties, tears and other problems, this does not need to pay attention to its situation, to avoid problems. Usually also often to scrub its eyes, keep clean. These are the reasons why Garfield is disliked.

Suggestion: feeding Garfield cat, usually will spend more time on it, pay more attention to it, take care of it. For the Garfield cat prone to tear marks, pet owners can give it to choose a low salt content, there are fire reduction formula for the staple food.

Epilogue: Any of the above cats?


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