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The All Alluring Equine

Ch. 5

By Alexandra LaceyPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

Beauty is found in the alluring language of the equine. There is something so precious about the serendipitous way in which horses come to choose their people, drawn to one another by an inexplicable force. Imagine the one thing that makes you most happy, just absorbing it, and becoming part of it. I once wrote a poem about what would become an actual moment in time for me years later.

“A slow motion dancer,

Her mane a river of gold,

She prances with ideal passion,

So secret and so unopposed.

No longer does she feel that anchor,

That affliction of strong regret.

Now all she hopes for is nothing,

Because everything’s already had.

What ignorance had initially started,

Freedom has ended in a whir.

Swaying among the Mustards,

She finally took in a breath.

At last she begun breathing,

Stripping off all of her fears.

She felt all release from those burdens,

And smile with not but a tear.

Her limbs flew freely for hours,

For all thanks to those boots

And those


-Myself, age 15

​I had been wading through the tides at Washington State University, and would drive thirty minutes every few days through nothing but empty wheat fields just to go visit the rescue horses across the border in Idaho. My heart longed to adopt a little chestnut mare that was as drawn to me as I was her.

​My first day visiting, I was warned not to take offense to little Sage’s typical way of ignoring most humans. She was wild and beautiful, never allowing anyone to capture her for fear of being owned and subdued. She was graceful in her movements, and had not taken long to captivate me by her presence. The older gentleman who homed the horses handed me a halter one day and said if I could hike to the top of the pasture where the horses resided during the day, and catch Sage, then I could consider adopting her. In awe of her beauty and untamed spirit, I accepted his offer and thus began a day I would never truly forget. I felt as though I was in a parallel universe, where I had become one with the horses. I was one of them, walking among them, prancing with the herd as I patiently spent an hour discovering Sage’s world. There was harmony, an orchestra of galloping hooves, followed by the serenity of the herd settling beneath the tree to graze on fields of green.

​At first, I let my low patience bring me to go head straight for Sage, but when she repeatedly turned away at the sight of the halter, I decided to take a different approach. I slowly weaned her onto the idea of me approaching her holding the device, first touching it to her belly, then running it along her back, dipping down across her legs and back towards her head. Time after time she rejected me, until I dropped everything and stood there, watching, hoping, waiting. She came to me, as if to show it had to be her choice to be captured. I played with her for hours on end, carefully untangling her mane and appreciating every moment I got to spend with her. I never did see her again after that day, for I was beginning to fall deeper into the dark days of my eating disorder, but one thing is for sure. Sage and I have this in common; our souls will never be broken, for we are creatures of the earth.


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Alexandra Lacey

Los Angeles >>> Las Vegas

I am a young entrepreneur with lots of stories and experiences to share! I have been on my own the majority of my young adult life, and love offering tips and tricks on how to make it in this world.

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