The Adventures of Dexter the Dog

...while the small one sleeps. By Dexter Dog. It’s a cockapoo’s life.

The Adventures of Dexter the Dog

SHE LET ME OFF THE LEAD!!!! Albeit only for two mins and I didn’t really do what I was meant to do. But She let me off! After three long weeks of training “heel, heel, heel.”

We were on what She calls the Island. There were a million smells, I just couldn’t contain myself.

SO let me start at the beginning. We went in search of dogs to walk past again today, I think mum want’s me to bark at them and see them all off... well that’s what I do anyway! We walked along the sea front towards the Pink Cafe. We saw Jo walking with a little Westie, coming towards us. We past quite closely. I growled at him. He was just so busy minding his own business! I just felt he needed me to tell him ‘what’s for’ as he trotted past. One point to Dexter.

Shortly after, we caught up with a man walking a fat old spaniel off the lead, they were walking the same way we were. I had a look at this fat spaniel and She said “AH AH NO” before we got there and I swear She tried to choke me. I didn’t bother growling at him though. We just over took and carried on.

Next we went to the Island! You already know what happened there! We saw a dog, a whippet or something. I pricked my ears and bounced next to Her. I tried to growl but she said that “AH AH NO” thing again, she also said something through gritted teeth. God knows what, but she strangled me again and we went on.

So far Dexter still has 1 point.

We walked into the town centre! She seems a glutton for punishment today. Past the supermarket, I was a VERY good boy. I walked alongside her the WHOLE way. The Small One, in her carry thing that She straps to her front, slept on, she’s not much fun that one.

I didn’t bat an eyelid at anyone or anything. We saw a King Charles spaniel on the other side of the road, we walked past—I didn’t bother with him, they can be a bit aloof those King Charles chaps. By the doctors surgery we saw a collie, now that one I’ve seen before round town. I had a GOOD growl, snarl and bark at him the other day... today I gave him an evil eye. Let’s say Dexter 1.5 points.

After that we walked home via the golf road. We saw a Labrador, he was on the other side of the road, walking the same way as us. He kept turning around for a good nosey at me, mum and small, but I didn’t give him the satisfaction of growling at him either! Such a good boy today.

Then we walked past this man putting a fence up. The dog was in the back of a small farmer's truck (a pickup with the metal back on it). We crossed the road, and we didn’t know there was a dog in the back of the pickup. I’m SO glad we crossed the road because this dog snarled and barked at me quite viciously! I just rolled my eyes and walked on. Pretended to be cool. I wasn’t going to show him I was bothered. The man snarled something at the dog in a deep voice. The dog didn’t say another word. Astonishing!

Anyway, we were out for an hour, gentle stroll and very pleasant it was too and I was a GOOD BOY. I was calm and didn’t bark at the next door but one neighbour pushing her pram... or anyone else for that matter. Someone had dropped quite a lot of sweetcorn on the corner by the bench, which was quite nice. Nothing like some sweetcorn mixed with a bit of pavement grit.

The Small One slept through the whole thing.

All in all She says an 8.5/10 walk!

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