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The 6 disadvantages of the cat will deal with it correctly.

The author has always believed that cats are the best pets. Because cats have come to independence, many people have promoted the benefits of cats in recent years, and countless young shovel officers have joined the cat raising army.

By 孙小明Published 4 months ago 4 min read

The author has always believed that cats are the best pets. Because cats have come to independence, many people have promoted the benefits of cats in recent years, and countless young shovel officers have joined the cat raising army.

But recently, the author found that pet cats and even varieties of cats have gradually appeared in stray cats. This is a very terrible thing, which means that many novice shovel officers only know the benefits of raising cats, but they do not know the disadvantages of cats. After the cat, he could not bear the disadvantages of cats, so I left the cat!

Therefore, the author believes that it is wrong to propagate the benefits of cats. As a qualified shoveling officer, the benefits of cats should be known, they should be familiar with the disadvantages of cats, and to make correct responses to these disadvantages. The most qualified shovel officer!

So today, I analyze and answer the disadvantages of cats. Whether you have raised cats or not, you hope you know and be a qualified shit officer.


Among all cats, only hairless cats and hair curly cats do not drop hair. Other cats will lose hair, and each year of spring and autumn, the hair loss is the most powerful. Some cats with powerful hair can not touch. The most important thing is that the cat's hair loss is the same as that of human hair loss. It is normal metabolism and cannot be avoided.

But if you can eat more meat for cats, add more nutrition, and combing the hair for the cats every day, it can greatly slow down the cat's hair loss.

Excrement is stinky

Cat's stool is stinky, but this is not blame of cats. This is a problem with the cat's food. At present, most of the cats are fed high -temperature puffed cat food, but the high temperature puffed cat food wants to be puffed and molded. Add a lot of starch.

But cats are pure meat animals, and they cannot digest these starch at all. After these starch is eaten by cats and fermented in the stomach, the cat's stuffy.

The solution is actually very simple. As long as you give the cat more meat, eat less cat food, or change to a cat with high meat content, cats will not smell bad!

Be diligent

As mentioned earlier, we said that the cat's stool was smelly, so as a qualified shoveling officer, he had to shove the cat diligently, clean up the cat litter pot at least once a day, and carefully observe the cat's excrement when cleaning the cat sand pot.

Because the cat is healthy, most of them can reflect from the cat's excrement, so if you are a person with cleanliness, I don't recommend you to raise a cat.

Day and night

Some time ago, a blue cat was abandoned, and the reason for abandoning was that the blue cat slept during the day and jumped into Dadi at night. The noisy owner couldn't sleep at all. The owner had no choice but to send the cat away.

In fact, you don't need to send the cat away at all. This problem is very easy to solve. As long as you see the cat sleeping during the day, you will call it up immediately. It only takes 1-2 days. Your cat will definitely not make trouble at night, and it is guaranteed to sleep more than you sleep. Essence

Good cats in other people's homes

After raising cats, some shoveling officers will compare with their cats with their cats. This comparison often compares problems. Some shoveling officers dislike their cats who are not relatives, and some shit officers have abandoned themselves. The cat is too sticky.

But what I want to tell you is that when you envy other people's cats, others are also envious of you, so it is not necessary to compare cats. Your cat is the best cat.


Sterilization is something that must be faced in cats, because cats have estrus several times a year. Once the cat is in estrus, the male cat diarrhea, the female cat howl, the noisy shoveling officer cannot live normally.

This problem is also well solved. As long as you send the cat to a pet hospital sterilization, you need to bear the sterilization cost of 500-1000. If you don't want to bear it, it is recommended that you do not raise a cat.

The above 6 disadvantages are things that shovelers will definitely encounter in cat -raising life. As a qualified shoveling officer, they should know these cat disadvantages before raising cats and learn how to deal with them. Essence

In this way, when you raise a cat, when the disadvantages of cats appear, there will be no huge psychological gap, and you can also calmly cope. The pet cats will not happen again.


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