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Testing Ollie’s Fresh Food Meal Plan to Help My Dog Lose Weight

A Tail of Transformation: Cali's Weight Loss Success with Ollie

By Melissa FortunePublished 29 days ago 3 min read

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Allow me to introduce you to the star of my life – California, affectionately known as Cali, Cali Mama, Cali Booty, etc. She's more than just a dog; she's a bundle of joy, my goofy best friend, and the heart and soul of our home. As an American Bully, she's not only big in personality but also in size. But life took a turn when her health started raising concerns.

Having a pet with allergies and dietary restrictions is not for the fate of heart! Cali's allergies and dietary sensitivities turned our household into a culinary puzzle. Now, as she approaches her 8th birthday, I've decided it's time to address her skin issues and help her shed some extra pounds. The vet's recommendation to lose 10-12 lbs sent shockwaves through me. We're city dwellers, confined mostly to apartment living, and her food choices are strictly managed due to her allergies. I really couldn’t think of any other ways to help her get more exercise or eat healthier than she does with her food allergies. The task of helping Cali lose weight felt daunting, but we were determined.

From left to right: Cali on 5/23, on 6/23, and on 7/23!

I recognized the first change I needed to make was her food. After consulting with my vet and doing my own research, taking a fresh food approach seemed like the best option to kickoff Cali's weight loss - aka her hot girl summer. I learned that with fresh whole food, dogs can absorb more of the nutrients and can therefore eat a larger volume of food and feel full. They'll also benefit from increased energy from the nutrients. Ollie easily emerged as the top contender for my girl. Ollie's offering of various proteins, including chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, and pork quickly drew me in. With Cali's chicken allergy, we still had four fantastic choices to explore. Ollie’s human-grade recipes stood out for using real ingredients, void of by-products or fillers, and steering clear of common allergens like corn, wheat, and soy.

The process of getting started with Ollie was remarkably smooth. A quick online quiz, considering Cali's weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies, led to tailored recommendations. I opted for the full fresh food meal plan, which entirely replaced her dry food. Ollie's offers two other options – a mix of fresh and dry food or half fresh to supplement your dog’s current meals. I love that based off of Cali’s information, Ollie provides clean, simple meals portioned based on her unique weight-loss needs. And what could possibly be my favorite part, the convenience of having her meals delivered to our doorstep every two weeks, a serious help at easing the demands of my busy life.

The above image is Cali on 6/23 and the below is on 7/23!

What resonated further with me was Ollie's commitment to sustainability. Their eco-friendly packaging made from recyclable materials aligns with my values, making the unpacking process a joy. As the meal packets emerged from the box, Cali immediately started drooling. I love that alongside the food, a feeding guide, a handy scooper, and a food storage container were also included. The packaging design minimized any mess, and made it so easy to store leftovers.

Transitioning Cali from her dry food to Ollie's fresh meals was a gradual process, ensuring her comfort and to avoid any diarrhea or upset stomach. From the outset, her energy levels have surged, her stool is smaller, and her bathroom visits less frequent. Fast forward to week four, and I'm convinced she's already on her way to shedding those extra pounds! On a Facetime call the other day, my mom pointed out that Cali was regaining her waistline. At the time she had no prior knowledge of our dietary shift or the vet's recommendations.

Beyond the weight loss journey, I've noticed positive changes in her coat and skin health. Cali is usually prone to aggressive allergic reactions that manifest as flaky scabs and bald spots. But since transitioning to Ollie, her breakouts and flare-ups have reduced in frequency and intensity, leaving Cali's skin in better condition overall.

A side profile view of Cali's transformation from 6/23 to 7/23!

The switch to Ollie has proven to be a game-changer for Cali and our household. We're excited to bring you along on this journey, sharing updates on her health, progress, and the transformation that fresh, wholesome nutrition can make. Stay tuned as Cali navigates her path to a healthier, happier life, one Ollie meal at a time. You can find more of Cali on our page at @createdbyfortune.

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  • Jenna Tidd24 days ago

    Your story caught my eye as I'm considering food options for my pup. Ollie was at the top of the list for their flexibility, so it's great to hear a personal review.


  • Nteboheng Lebelo29 days ago

    She is so pretty and wonderful story

  • Awe, I love pets! Great writing!

  • Steffany Pope29 days ago

    love this! She's a beautiful Blue Bully ❤💙💙💙💙

  • Congratulations on your Top Story🎉💖

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