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Ten products must-haves as a Dog owner.

These Products are great if you own a dog

By Paige Published about a year ago 3 min read
Ten products must-haves as a Dog owner.
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The Author receives commissions from any and all products bought through the links in this article. Thank you for your support!

All products have been tested and proven by dog owners all over the world and the author herself.

Being a dog owner is a huge privilege for many. Dogs give comapionship, support and uncondinal love everyday. As dog owners we want to give our dogs the best life possible. This is just a short list of products used by the author. Who believes others could benefit from these products as she and her dogs have.

1. Whistle GPS Dog tracker

This product while pricey is a great GPS tracker for your furry friend. It also tracks their overall health, amount of exercise, sleep, etc. It's easy to attach to your dog's collar or harness, Or you can get a collar for your tracker. It uses AT&T to collect your dog's data and can easily update your dog's location in two minutes or less.

2. West Paw ZogoFlex Toppl Treat dispensing toy

Need an enrichment toy but your dog has destroyed every Kong you give them? Look no further than the toppl by West Paw. This toy works similarly to a kong but is open at the top and is easier to fill. You can also buy a smaller Toppl to fit it together if you want to make it harder for your dog to get the treats out.

3. Waterproof Long lead for dogs.

Do you want to be able to give your dog more freedom on outdoor adventures but also still keep control of them alongside your training tools? Long leads like this are such a great help and easy to store and use. This is especially helpful if your looking to E-Collar train your dog but need a little extra help to keep them safe. Even if they have good and reliable recall.

4. Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator.

All dogs have accidents, as puppies, adults and seniors. If youve ever struggled with finding a oder or stain remover. This a high quality and easy to use product.

5. Bissell Little Green Portable Spot Carpet Cleaner.

If you need a easy to use and portable spot carpet cleaner Bissell makes great products and this one in particular is super easy to use and works great on carpets. Bissell also has other great products to keep up with your pets hair. dander, etc.

6. The Nero Ball Classic-K-9 Ball On a Rope Reward and Exercise Toy

If you have a highly toy motivated dog. This toy is great not just for working dogs but for everyday pets as well. This is to be used as a reward and tug only toy! Do not let your dog chew on this toy and like any toy. Use with supervision.

7. Suction Cup Hook for bathtub Tether for Pet Grooming.

If you need a way to keep your pet contained in the bathtub or shower. This suction cup hook can allow you to hook your pet via a leash to keep them from getting out of the tub.

8. MIM Variocage Crash Tested Dog Travel Crate

If you want to keep your dog safe in the car and not have to worry about if a harness is enough to keep them safe. This crash tested crate works just as well as a Gunner or Ruffland Kennel. While this is still in a high price range. it still works just as well and keeps your beloved companion restraind and safe in your vehicle while traveling.

9. Furbo 360° Dog Camera View Wide-Angle Pet Camera with Treat Tossing ability

If you need to keep an eye on your dog when you aren't home. This camera by Furbo is a great high quality camera with night vision, 2-way audio, Wifi and barking alerts as well as treat tossing ablity. It's also got a wide view angle and is 1080p HD.

10. Bark Bright Dental kit

If your dog struggles with their dental health. This product by BarkBox can help as it's a treat that you can fill with dog safe toothpaste and give it to your dog to help their dental and overall health.

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