Squee’s New Home

by Laura Gieg 3 months ago in adoption

Squee gets adopted

Squee’s New Home

The trip "home"—time has no meaning for cats like us—not like humans. We eat when our tummies say we’re hungry, we sleep when we’re tired, we play when we have bursts of energy... I can’t tell you exactly how long or how short the time was to the next visit that the people that smelled similar to our caretakers was, all I know is that I was taken away from my siblings and never saw them again—or at least not in the same light anyway. I was picked up, placed on a lap, and stayed there the whole trip—might have even fallen asleep for a bit. The trip there wasn’t unpleasant, but it was rather jarring to be introduced to a new environment, minus all my siblings. I was put in a room, why I don’t know, and I protested... loudly. I escaped first chance I got—but wait, who was this? Not one of my siblings, for certain, but it was certainly another of my species; at that moment I didn’t really care. I hissed at him, and hissed back at me; I was mad—how DARE they take me away from the only family I knew and drop me in a strange place, with a stranger? I was closed in the room again, unhappy and confused. Time wore on, and I got to meet this other member of my species, this time having decided to make the best of my situation.

“Who are you?”

“I am Duke Mal of Lafond Manor. Perhaps I can assist you in acclimatizing to your new home, if you wish.”

“Don’t suppose there’s any way of getting back to my family.”

“Unfortunately, that’s not possible. I understand your reaction to me last time, it must be a shock.”

“Yes, well, I’ve decided to make the best of it, so I would appreciate your help in getting acclimatized. I’m Princess Squee Foxtail, by the way.”

“I suppose I’m your new companion. Our caretakers are nice, so there is that; unless I get stressed out and pee on something that they use.” I rubbed on him in thanks for the information, deciding I might as well be nice to the current resident of this, my new home, according to him.

“Well, then, let me show you around, Little Miss Squee. The room you are in now is called the bathroom, across the hallway from there is the bedroom; down the hallway here is the kitchen—my favourite room in the whole house, as I get fed there and can sometimes find snacks on the floor. Down the stairs is the basement - good for cooling off when it’s hot and stuffy up here. Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the room past the bathroom on the same side—that one’s called the office.”

How does it work?
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