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Speaking of Tortoises

by Kyra Lopez 2 months ago in humanity

Creating a podcast all about the biology, care, and enclosure upkeep of tortoises!

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When people think of the reptile community, some would assume that its just a bunch of tatted dudes with lizards or snakes.

No one would automatically picture a 23 year old Mexican woman staying up until 3 am watching reptile enclosure remodels on YouTube. The hobby itself is usually male dominated, so there are naturally some shocked gasps from strangers after I explain my passion for reptiles. Now don't get me wrong, there are definitely a lot of women who are actively part of the reptile club! But without fail, there are always a handful of jaws that still drop to the floor when I tell them about owning tortoises.

What I have gathered from this hobby is that reptile keeping doesn't always cater to young women or non-binary folks in the scene! It is always considered more of a black and white image, being divided into simply a "boy's thing." Under this cycle of expectations, reptiles become a past time that the general public would not expect teenage girls, POC women, and nonbinary folks to even get into. Stereotypes like these are not incredibly helpful, as they hide a plethora of knowledge and expertise that many reptile lovers have to offer!

In my own experience, I noticed that tortoise decor for my enclosures don't always come with a variety of options that appeal to multiple tastes. Even though it is a miniscule difference, things like this always make me wonder how the community can grow for the future! Usually, I see a lot of skulls, guitars, and "manly" decor or apparel for reptiles. What I don't see are decorative additions that reach beyond a beige color spectrum to choose from. It is very likely that a large percentage of men, women, and nonbinary fans of reptiles may desire more variety in these choices. Since it is catered to only one type of branding, there isn't much diversity in the market of supplies and gear.

Turning my hobby into a full time job would mean the formation of something extraordinary: a podacast about tortoises, lead by me and guests!

Turning Reptile Love into a Career

Brand Name: Tortoise Telecast

Time & Day: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 pm.

Podcast Content: Tortoise diet, health, environmental needs, and general upkeep! The focus of this podcast will revolve around caring for different species of tortoises, occasionally mentioning other types of reptiles. Discussion will vary from tortoise anatomy, unknown but surprising facts about reptiles, recommended food, garden ideas, and creating new enclosure layouts for enrichment.

Guest Stars: Women, men, non-binary folks, and POC owners unite! Join the podcast for your views on reptile keeping, inclusivity, and ways to improve the reptile community.

Membership & More

Estimates of Income for Tortoise Telecast!

🐢How would it be monetized?

1. Members

The dedicated fanbase and active listeners who wish to contribute to the podcast can be offered a monthly membership priced at $5! This title will allow the audience to have early access to additional recorded content, updates, and exciting features before everyone else! Being a member also opens the door for invitations to join the podcast, and share your opinions as a reptile keeper!

2. Donations from Listeners

If people wish to support the podcast without a membership, I would like to plan on creating a website with an option for donations. This will allow others to support my content without having to commit for the monthly costs!

3. Merchandise

If I was able to expand this passion of reptile education, I would create decorative shirts, stickers, and even some decor for the viewer's own enclosures. With the financial means necessary, I'd engage in my own decor designs and create logos for my podcast's public representation!

4. Advertisements

If there is an option to collaborate with other reptile brands or collect funds from social media advertising, I would say this could be a key factor in spreading the word about Tortoise Telecast!

5. Other

Projects, changes to the membership, and other virtual events of the podcast may lead to additional income if this is a success!

🐢Why support it?

Tortoises are not just a mundane animal that mope around all day, like you would expect in typical cartoon depictions of them. They are incredibly smart, receptive, and beautiful animals with a lot to offer! If I had the chance to work diligently on my passion for reptile care, I would emphasize their uniqueness in the animal kingdom! With this info out there, I would love to spend my time educating others about all the aspects of tort life.

Not only would it be beneficial to explain a tort's distinct anatomy, diet variations, and cool shell patterns, but having a podcast would be much more than that! It would open the door for inclusive discussions with reptile keepers who don't always feel represented in social media or at conventions. Reptile keepers across all walks of life are highly encourgaed to join me in this conversation, as I would be eager to hear from anyone willing to share their tips and tricks.

Therefore, the goals of Tortoise Telecast can be narrowed down to:

The importance of the tortoise existence, diversity in reptile keeping, and connecting with others!

Kyra Lopez
Kyra Lopez
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