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should whales be in captivity?

Reasons whales should be left in the wild

By Maria JohnsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Should killer whales be captive? Some think yes some think no today I will be talking about some reasons why captive whales and animals do not do very well in captivity. Whales are typically caught and brought in from the wild, there are some whales that have been bred in captivity but have been separated from their mothers at a young age. This is one thing that really messes with the way whales live they live in pods with their family these captive whales are put into an artificial pod, and when they have babies they’re taken from them. This causes what seems to be a depression with the whales. Captive whales are kept under bad conditions with an unnatural diet of dead fish that is thawed. This causes the male whales to have a bent or collapsed dorsal fin. Captivity causes these animals to endure so much. These creatures deserve to be left in the wild. There are at least 166 orcas in captivity, 129 of these whales are now dead. There have been about 166 deaths of orcas in captivity including miscarried and still born calves. There are 20 whales in captivity at the three United States SeaWorld parks and at least 49 whales have died at SeaWorld. The whale capture of 1970 is probably the most infamous, this capture concluded in 7 whales captured and 5 whales died that day. There is only on captured whale still alive in captivity, she is at the Miami Seaquarium. There have been 19 orcas taken from the wild and placed into captivity. There were 10 whales illegally captured whales in Russia in 2018, but where released in the summer of 2019. These creatures are not meant to be held in captivity and made to perform for our amusement. Though many people either do not care what harm can come to these animals and their trainers, there are some who think and fight for these animals to stay in the wild. The owners of the brand SeaWorld are the people who need to realize that these creatures are dangerous. They can and have killed their trainers, these whales are powerful and have a very smart brain. They work out problems and take out their frustrations on whatever they want. SeaWorld has always blamed the trainers and not the whales for the trainers deaths. The most famous whale for killing his trainers is Tilikum. Tilikum has killed 3 people in his 3 decades of being in captivity before he passed on. There has been one whale that was released. Keiko also known as free Willy who captured many hearts in the free Willy movies. He was released but as many believe this was not for his well being, but for the well being of places like SeaWorld. SeaWorld and many people who work with SeaWorld want these animals to stay in captivity and continue to perform for our amusement. SeaWorld thinks that these animals are just for show and amusement, though this is not true. These animals are beautiful creatures who belong in the wild and should stay in the wild. Though there is no laws keeping people from capturing these whales but you do need a permit to capture them and take them into captivity. These laws are specifically put into place for entertainment and scientific reason. Though some believe it should be illegal there is little they can do. As stated previously orcas and many other animals do not do well and are not able to adapt to the life of captivity. These are just some of the many reasons that orcas and other animals should not be held in captivity. This also shows that SeaWorld and other ocean animal parks do not think about the well being of their animals.

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