Seymour the Carpet Snake.

The adventures of one slippery snake.

Seymour the Carpet Snake.
The trees of Seymour's neighborhood.

Once there was a slippery snake known by the name of Seymour the carpet python. He was a lovely shade of green as green, in color. Seymour's usual habitat was the overgrown backyard of a family known as the Townsend's. They lived on a quarter acre block of land, which was joined to a native reserve at the end of their street. Therefore, it was very easy for Seymour the green as green , carpet snake to move around the backyard of the Townsend's. Seymour the snake slithered and slithered around the backyard, the family were used to meeting him on their lawn and their lunch and dinner guests were used to seeing him as well. At times, he was like a streak of green as green hightailing it across the backyard, as if he were being by some rather large predator who was going to eat him for dinner.

At different times , the family would leave food out for Seymour the green as green carpet snake who lived near or close by to their backyard. They had mercy on Seymour because they reasoned he was not very good at catching his own food. He was in reality , quite in adept at catching the many and I mean many birds of the air , who on odd occasions dotted the very landscape of the backyard. Seymour the green as green snake , could not quite seem to get his timing right at all, he would make one great lunge and he would miss the bird he had been preying on by miles and miles.

One day, Seymour the green as green carpet snake decided it would be a great idea to lay in wait in the outside toilet to see what would happen when he chanced upon somebody using it for their own personal business. Snakes such as Seymour the green as green carpet snake liked to hang out in very cool places during the heat of the day and night. Seymour thought hanging out in the toilet cistern above the actual toilet would be a great place for him to spend some time ... he sought of lurked there ... just hung around ... eagerly waiting for his human victim .. to appear and come to do their business in the toilet ... Seymour did not have too long to wait .... a small as small girl by the name of Anne came to use the toilet... Little did Anne know that there was a visitor by the name of Seymour who was lying in wait for her ... Suddenly as suddenly as he could Seymour uncoiled himself and made one great almighty lung for the body of Anne, the part of her that was visible to him in the pitch - darkness of the very outside toilet. Anne screamed and screamed ; one had never heard or could even begin to imagine the blood - curdling screams that came out of the tiny body of the little girl by the name of Anne ... The screams, her screams were deafening and rather loud at that ... Seymour the green as green snake could feel the scream and screams , rather than hearing them as such .. They made him quite nervous as to what he should do next?

All of a sudden, there was an almighty green as green streak, like a streak of intense thunderstorm like lightning across the very green as green, or was it just dirty brown back lawn of the Townsend house. It was Seymour the green as green carpet snake trying to, as if his life depended upon it , to find a safe and secure place where he could hide from the little girl who went by the name of Anne.

Seymour the green as green carpet snake was never quite the same after his very exciting and even shameful encounter with the little girl known as Anne. He could never ever really trust any human being again, especially little girls who could scream the place down, such as Anne the little girl he had encountered in the pitch - black of the outside toilet that night in infamy. All Seymour wanted now was a quiet life, plenty of food and a great and comfortable place, one that was cool but not cold as such to sleep in. He spent the rest of his days in the native reserve near the Townsend house avoiding all and any contact with humans , especially little as little young girls such as the one called Anne.

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