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Saving My Baby Girl

by Victoria 4 years ago in cat

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It was sometime between May and June. My boyfriend, at the time, surprised me with the notion to get a kitten. He told me to really think about what kind of cat I wanted since I could only get one. I've had so many cats throughout my entire life. So, this time I really thought about it. I made up my mind with getting an all grey cat. I've never had an all grey cat, and I always thought they were so pretty. I looked long and hard for a kitten that was all grey. I even went to craigslist—before it was scary. And, right there in a post, I saw ALL GREY CATS. So, I rush to get a hold of the woman that posted it. She agreed to meet with me. It wasn't far at all. Maybe 10–15 minutes away from my home. I was so excited!

The day finally came that I got to go get my grey kitten. And, this woman posted about having 4 grey cats total. We passed Castalia to turn on the road 290. The woman comes out with a litter box with two kittens in it. The first one I saw was pretty cute. It was an all grey male with two front white paws. Such an adorable little kitten. He was just super happy and full of life. Then I look in the corner of the litter box and what do I find, but an ALL GREY kitten. I was planning on getting a girl. And, this little runt was female.

I asked the woman, "Why are they in the litter box?" and she replied with, "That's just where they stay most of the time." I was appalled at that response. So, I slowly and carefully picked up this tiny little kitten. She was so much tinier than her brother. I felt so bad, I wanted them both to come home with me. I loved them both and I always will! She cuddled up in my arms, smelling like cat litter, and she looked up at me and just laid her head on my chest. I knew I couldn't leave her. So, I finally told the woman, I want the "runt." She said OK, and we got in our car and drove off. She had no name, but definitely had a set of lungs on her. She screamed all the way. She meowed so much because she hated the car. And, I understood, it's scary. So, I just held her close in hopes she would feel safe.

We got home, and it was sometime in the late afternoon. I had already made a spot in my room for her before I even knew she was the one. As I got ready for bed, my poor little girl meowed throughout the night. I told myself that if she's still meowing in the morning that I will take her the vet when it opens. And, of course, she meowed all through the night. I felt so bad for my little no-named girl. I wanted so badly to just help her and make her feel safe. I felt like I couldn't help at all, so we went to the vet bright and early.

At the vet, I met a wonderful man. And we saw a wonderful woman too. The vets at the pet hospital I got to were absolutely the best. That is definitely hard to come by. So, this man grabs my little girl and just gives her a routine physical for cats. After all is said and done, he turns to me and says, "Your kitten has a really bad fever, if you would have come any later she might have gotten brain damage." I was in shock! As I sit there in shock, trying to collect myself, the doctor tells me he has to give her some shots and some medicine and all will be okay. I try my hardest not to cry. He gives me eye drops so her eyes don't close on her. And, antibiotics to help cure her fevers and sickness.

After she got a shot and some medicine that he already prescribed her, I take her home. She obviously cried all the way home, luckily it was a short ride. I lay her on my bed. She seems groggy. After a few hours of meowing and cuddling, I give her the medicine. I hated every minute of it. I had to put drops in her eyes to keep them from closing and had to give her doses of medicine through the mouth. I finally give her some soft food afterward to get rid of the taste. She actually ate a good portion. She stopped meowing! I was so happy to not hear tiny screams for help. I bought her this cute Christmas blanket that I found on sale. I put it in her basket and laid her in it. I rubbed her back and little forehead. I wanted so badly for her to just feel safe. She closed her little eyes and fell asleep. I took a picture immediately. Her tiny purrs made me bawl my eyes out. As she slept, I tried so hard not to wake her. I'm sitting there crying because I almost lost her.

But, I picked myself up and just sat by her while she slept. "She is here. I got her now," which is what I kept telling myself. While she slept, I thought about what is her name? She still has no name! This little fighter deserves the best name! I asked people on social media for advice on names. I got so many. Then, out of nowhere, I finally found the name. I'm a big Disney fan. I can't help it. I finally named her Eva. I named her Eva after the little robot from the Disney movie Wall-E. In that movie, if you've never seen it, the two robots end up meeting and they are the only two in existence, on Earth that is. I don't want to ruin it for anyone. But you need to watch it to understand why it means so much to me. However, in the movie, Wall-E has a robot voice, of course. He meets this new updated plant seeking robot. She tells him her name is Eva. But, the way he said it always sounded like "EEEEEEVVVVVAAAA". And, my mind confirmed that I needed to name her Eva.

My Eva is a fighter. The moment I saw her I knew I was her mom. I would have spent any amount of money and done anything in my power to help her. She is now healthy and happy. She even has a buddy now. I got another female cat for her. And they love each other most of the time. I love my girls. I would do anything for them. You can call me a crazy cat lady all day and it won't faze me. In the end, I saved my little girl. I had a lot of help from the vet, but I played a big role.

Eva is now six years old. And I can only hope for many more years I get to see her grow. I thank the world every day for her. When I wake up she's always there. She always greets me when I get home. I make her feel safe and loved, and she shows me that she feels the same way about me. I hope most people are like me, and try to be there for their pets more. Saving my baby girl was one of the hardest times of my life, but we got through it together. The power of Love is definitely great. :)



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