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by Marie Ehlenbach 12 days ago in dog

Once upon a time, there is a dog named Samantha..

Photo by Laula Co on Unsplash

I was about seven years old when I asked my mom for a dog. She said "maybe". That got my hopes up ten feet! Maybe for Christmas!

Everybody told what they wanted for Christmas. I still wanted a dog. My half-brother wanted a bike. He was six years older than I was. So I thought I wouldn't get what I wanted. A dog costs a lot of money just like a bike did.

Well, that day of the year came about really quickly! It was Christmas Eve and we all got into bed. I snuggled up with my collie (stuffed!) and closed my eyes and went to sleep right away.

I woke up with a start it was my Mom.

"Come and see what you've got."She said.

I jumped out of bed and went around the corner and stopped just like a scared person would do.

I screamed it is a dog! I went over to her, she was so small she could barley fit in my hands. With a purple streak of nail polish on the top of her head, she looked adorable! My Mom said the lady put the nail polish on her so we would know which one she was. Like I would ever think any different! She was the one! I called her Samantha. I had my name picked out and everything. Samantha just like the girl who is the witch on tv! She kept my attention for the rest of the day.

I felt bad because my step-brother didn't get what he wanted, but not so bad!

Well, Sam,(I started to call her that) had big trouble in potty training. I left my Sam with my step-dad while Mom and I went off on vacation. We got back and there were no mistakes in the house. I thought "how could he have done it!" I was only nine at the time. After I went to bed I snuck out and I heard my Mom and him talking. He craked her ass every time she did a poo in the house! I cried and went back and hugged my Samantha. We had two boxes of treats, no tricks for my Sam! All in the cabinet!

I went on the next few days as if the was nothing to remember. That went on for two or three days. I kept giving my Sam treats. It passed by. Like all those things do.

My step-dad brought another dog home! He was three or four times the size of Samantha! How are they ever going to get along?

Her name was Carrie, she was a girl too. She chased my Sam all over the yard! Carrie got her into a corner of the yard and that was it! Samantha came out hissing and snarling! I never thought I would see her like that? It was like a shake-off! I felt better now, I could see I could let them in the yard together.

Another day, Carrie jump in the pool! My step-dad and Mom thought that was really funny. So, they picked up my Sam and put her in the pool! I was terrified. How could you do that? Look at her she is going to drown! I jumped in the pool, even with my clothes on. Would you believe I got in trouble for having my clothes on? Well, no Samantha was going to drown!

Well, that went over like a lead balloon! I am ten years old, I am not going to let my dog die. I don't care if you think it is funny!

She told me if I stayed a little longer you will see it was funny too. Sam can swim! The only thing is you, in all your wet clothes. Go in and changed. You see it all a big joke.


Marie Ehlenbach

I am a single parent. I have one son. I grew up in Chicago, IL and I lived in Washington, DC.

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Marie Ehlenbach
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