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Ringu & JuOn

A Tale if Kitten Napping

By C.T. COLEPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Brotherly Love

Although the sub title of this story sounds bad it is, none the less, true. However, the circumstances will explain the reasons for the kitten napping of my boys. Now I know this is not your typical adoption story, but I thought it was relevant as it was still the rescue of pet’s in need.

17 years ago, my husband and I were in our early twenties, dating, and had just moved into our first home as a couple. It was on one of our visits to his sister’s house that we would begin our pet story. She lived in one of the poorer neighborhoods on the south side of the city. Most of the people who lived there could barely afford their rent and groceries and did not have money for extra’s, like feeding a family of kitten’s.

She had discovered some kittens living under a step with their mom. While we were looking at the kittens, the elderly woman who lived in the house came out to talk to us. She told us that she was feeding the family, but could only afford to do it once a week. I decided at that moment, even though I had not planned on owning a pet, I was going to take one of the kitten's home. The kitten would be my husband and I’s first pet in our first house together. We had a good view of the kitten’s as it was feeding time for them. I saw the most beautiful tabby ever and knew that they were the one I wanted, but they were the baby and the mother was not going to let me have them.

Instead of the baby I ended up with the runt, after they were finished eating of course. He was so skinny that I could feel every bone in his body, he was leaking out the back side and his coat was all scraggly, but I loved him instantly. His little mew was in rhythm with my steps as I ran to my waiting cab with him. I took him home, cleaned him up and named him JuOn (The Grudge). He was so cute with his crazy black and white hair that was too long in some places, ears that were too big for his head, and a tail that was bent in a perfect L shape because it had been broken at some point in his young life. The next day my sister-in-law showed up with the beautiful tabby I had seen first. Even though I did not want 2 kittens, I took him for company for JuOn. Again, I brought him in, cleaned him up, and named him Ringu (The Ring). He was the most beautiful grey tabby with dark grey lines running through him that looked blue and he was so fluffy that he just looked like a ball of fur.

Just to answer your question, yes, we named our cats after horror films and the weirdly suit their names. JuOn is louder and creepy and Ringu is the quiet sneak around creepy type. We have always loved horror films and the Japanese version of these two sounded like a good choice for our new pets to have as their names.

I now have two giant beautiful baby boys. Ringu and JuOn that just celebrated their 17th birthday. I say giant because they both weigh in at 14.5lbs a piece. Now before you judge me, they have been on a diet for the last 10 years of their lives (5lbs lost each) and are perfectly healthy in the eyes of their vet. I don’t know where I would be without them both. They make me laugh, feel happy, and have a calming effect when I need it. As my time left with them dwindles, I am reminded of everything they have given to me and am saddened at the fact that I will have to say good-bye one day.


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