Rat Life

by Sara Logsdon 11 months ago in exotic pets

Daily Life of Our Rat Family

Rat Life

I have six rats; five girls and one boy. They all live together in their double Critter Nation cage. My boy is neutered so he can live with the girls. His name is Vlad and he is an albino rat. He is lazy like a good boy usually is. Then there is the youngest girl. Her name is Basha and she is an Agouti Berkshire rat. She might be slightly more cute because she was born without a tail, but we won't tell the others we think so ;). Then there is Fluffy. She is our crazy girl. She is blue and has curly hair all over. Then Ivonne; she is a black Berkshire girl. She is the boss and the mastermind behind all their naughty behavior. Then there is Corrine. She is our pretty grey variegated girl. She loves food slightly more than all the other rats. Rat number six is our girl Odette. She is a cream color and a variegated hooded rattie. She is so sweet and loves to give kisses all over the place.

My day always starts out with getting up, stretching, then feeding the ratties. They get fed their rat pellets and their daily salad. Then I spiffy up the cage a little bit. They all get so excited. All six of the rats start munching away on their breakfast. Its so funny watching them eat their breakfast. They jump on each other and drag huge lettuce leaves around. They jump and run to their own little eating corners. After they are done they go back to sleep for a nap. I get my own breakfast and shower.

Later in the day, somewhere around 4 PM, they all wake up. They quickly get excited because they know what time it is. Play time! I start grabbing them all and taking them into the bedroom. I have a nice play area set up for them, but they like to hide under the furniture instead.

They run around the room. One day they chase each other and wrestle, then they want to be an organized crime group to steal snacks after they have had enough. I can catch them crawling into my clothes drawers and taking naps and playing. Mostly they just love to run and run an run. After about an hour or so its time to go back to bed for a little dinner.

They get some more fresh veggies; along with fruit, a little something meaty, and some seed mix. After they are done with dinner, I clean up their little mess and make my own dinner. After I'm done with my nightly routine I go out and give them a bedtime snack, usually some Gerber puffs, and get my goodnight kisses. You just don't know what a true goodnight kiss is until you get one from a rat xD.

Once a week, I clean their cage out fully, which takes about an hour. I change their homemade cage liners, clean all their things thoroughly, and put new toys and hammocks and hideouts in the cage for them. They all just run around the cage until I'm finished. They are the best helpers. They always show me where I need to clean. I can just imagine them saying, "hey lady, you missed a spot." They live to make sure I clean perfectly so they can most efficiently destroy everything as quickly as possible, and take their well deserved naps.

That's a day in the life of our six very spoiled rats. Thanks for reading!

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