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Queen of Cats

by Angela Derscha 20 days ago in cat

My life as a crazy cat lady.

Queen of Cats
Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

I just want to start by saying I love all animals no matter how big or small, how bald or fuzzy, dog, cat, rabbit, bird, fish, etc. All are open to the warm embrace of the Queen of Cats. Where I live, I am known as the crazy cat lady at the end of the trailer park. More than a dozen of them come to my porch for shelter, food, and attention. I readily provide that and then some. I give out more than 50 lbs of kitty kibble a month, several dozen gallons of water, and thousands of kisses and head pats, all in a safe, judgment-free zone. Life is good.

What made me decide to take care of an entire neighborhood of stray cats? How many did I start with? Why do I feed them instead of just adopting them into my home? Well, to answer those questions, I would have to go back to the very beginning: my very first cat, Goku.

Pictures are a bit low resolution!

He was my first cat, but not my first pet, mind you. I received him as an 18th birthday present from my older sister Christeena, provided that I could take care of him properly and buy his food, supplies, etc. For two years, I lived with her after some family issues while I figured out what to do with my life. The entire time I stayed there, Goku was with me! I paid for surgeries, treats, medicine, food, etc. I moved out with my kitty in tow and began a crazy journey.

Five years went by in a flash; I graduated college, held a stable position as a certified nurse aide for an assisted living facility in Oklahoma, fell deeply in love with a man, and suffered many misfortunes. Eventually, my father passed away, leaving my ill, elderly mother a widow and unable to care for herself. My brother and I moved back in with her to help, but to do so, I had to give my kitty away. Apparently, my mom was highly allergic to cats meaning Goku couldn’t go with us. My sister agreed to take him in so that he would be well tended to.

Many things happened, and we weren’t with our mother anymore, so I tried to retake him from my sister, only to find out he passed away from kidney disease. My heart was shattered. It took many years to heal; I didn’t want to open my heart to any more animals until I found Lionel.


He was such an angel. I received him from a neighbor who needed to find a forever home for their kittens. I agreed to take him in as long as they got him the shots he needed. A few weeks later, a boy shows up on our doorstep with this adorable eight-week-old kitten in tow. My fiancee and I raised him for a few months before moving into a new home. We took him with us, but shortly afterward, he went missing. At first, we thought that he ran away but soon found out that some friends we were staying with took him to the animal control center behind our backs. Devastated, I shut down emotionally.

Our living arrangement came to an end; we moved again and finally found a stable home. Although broke from the move, we were rich in optimism as our new place was full of potential. Shortly afterward, my father-in-law brought over two kittens for me. He knew how much I was hurting and that I would love some company. Meet Sparta and Kratos.

Little Sparta.


They were living on a neighbors porch in a cage. Covered in poop, matted fur, and whatever nasty things were on the porch at the time. We bathed them, fed them, and became their parents. Three years later and I have no regrets!

As you can see, I had a habit of picking up poor, innocent creatures. I can't help it! When I see an animal that needs some TLC, I do my best to provide it. Eventually, I could not take in any more pets. Although upset by this realization, I was determined to give more to those who need it. I started feeding strays that live in my neighborhood. Before I knew it, I had an entire cult of hungry fur children!

On the left, Stripes, middle General, right Argo Mama.

Each of them have their own names and personalities. If some of the pregnant ones can't nurse, we help them out. We tried taking the stray kittens in before, but they hardly make it past six weeks. We have no room for more pets, but we continue to give love and food to those who are in need.

Mogwi and his underbite.

They follow me around the neighborhood when I go for a walk, check my mail, and take out my trash. When I go to work at night, there they want some love. Whenever I get home in the early morning, there they want more food. It's a great routine.

In conclusion, my position as the resident crazy cat lady is completely valid. I accept the position with the utmost sincerity in my heart. Even when I am old, I will continue my work to provide services to every animal that is forgotten, thrown away, or abused. I recommend checking out Hope for Paws. A rescue organization that strives to save creatures from insane situations for those who would like more information about assisting needy animals.

They even have an online store where you can buy custom shirts, PJ pants, jewelry, and more. All of the proceeds go towards the continuation of animal welfare.

If you enjoy my work, please leave a heart for support. If you are feeling generous, leaving a tip is always appreciated, but not necessary.

Angela Derscha
Angela Derscha
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