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Puppy Journey: Renpet's Story

by Queen Pedii Writes 4 years ago in dog
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Having a puppy isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Renpet with her favorite bear Blue.

When people think of having a new puppy most imagine those cute little smiles, all of the cuddles given and received and the new energetic being that will tug at your heartstrings. When I bought Renpet these were the main reasons that I made the decision to get a dog. I even spent the previous night looking up the perfect name for her. Renpet is the Egyptian goddess of the new year, fertility, spring and the mistress of eternity. I felt that this name was best fitting because this year was going to be a new start. On the ride there I imagined the walks that we would go on and how I was going to dress her up in cute outfits I've made for her. I was told I was getting a Jackabee, but to this day I don’t know what her exact breed is. Her fur... Dad and I fell in love with her the moment we laid eyes on her. She was so small and her eyes were light blue. I went into the Petco and her fur daddy watched her in the car and when I returned, I saw him with her in his coat on his chest. She seemed so peaceful and loving, and most of all so innocent. Renpet wasn’t given the warmest welcome when I brought her home to my parents. After a while everyone warmed up to her. She never liked being in the crate and would bark all through the night. I tried to bring her upstairs to my bedroom so she wouldn’t be alone, but she would bite me too much.

I wish someone had told me that having a puppy would be so much different than having an adult dog. I'd previously had an American Eskimo named TOTO who lived to be 12-years-old. He died last year and it broke my heart. When I adopted him, he was four-years-old and perfectly trained. I had no idea that puppies have baby teeth that fall out. It frightened me so bad when her first tooth fell out while she was roughhousing with my brother. I didn’t know that puppies nip and bite at you when they are teething. I found out that puppies have an extreme amount of energy and will grow out of their harness and collar at a quick rate. Training Renpet has been an extremely hard process. I’ve realized that I have to be patient and calm, especially if I wanted to raise a loving and affectionate companion. The first trick that she mastered was to sit. Her biting people was the main concern when it came to training her. She will still bite, although now she does love bites. Potty training has been the worst. Sometimes she won’t say anything and I had to learn to pick up on her behavioral cues. Renpet is now approaching 11 months and is progressing every day.

I even made an Instagram page for her just as something a little fun. If you would like to follow her progress you can follow her at Renpetsword. I subscribed to Barkbox which has been a Godsend. You can subscribe to them here. Each month she was excited to see her new toys and treats and the sweet activities that came along with it. The themes are awesome and each month is different. I registered her to be an emotional therapy dog about a week after I got her. I must admit that she does her job quite well. I think sometimes I go a little overboard and treat her like a human child. In this journey I hope to learn how to be a parent and how to think, feel and act more selflessly, especially when it comes to my sweet Rennie.

Thank you for reading my weekly blog on our puppy journey.


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Queen Pedii Writes

My name is Queen Pedii and I’m 28 years old. I write stories and fan fiction. I own a business (Queen Pedii), radio show (Pedii Talks Music), a gaming show (Pedii Talks Gaming) and a mobile app (Brighter Day App) [email protected]

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