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Pros and Cons of Adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull

by Norris Kolby 5 days ago in adoption

They may make you reconsider your decision

Many people talk about different dogs; similarly, you may have heard about the blue nose Pitbulls. Many people want to adopt a blue nose pitbull due to its adorable blue nose. It’s true, blue nose increases the beauty of this dog, but just like any other dog, blue nose pit bulls also have some pros and cons. I thought to share those pros and cons of blue nose pit bulls with you, so it becomes easy for you while thinking about adopting this dog. Read carefully; the pros will increase your interest in this dog, while cons may make you reconsider your decision about adopting this dog. That’s why please read all points with great attention and ask yourself whether you can easily manage the cons of these dogs or not.

Pros of adopting a blue nose pitbull

1. Unique nose color

The nose color is the specialty of these dogs. Otherwise, there is no difference between these and other standard Pitbulls. Even the color is not exactly blue; it is greyish blue; still, people love the color so much that they are ready to pay the huge price of this dog.

2. Intelligence

The blue nose pit bulls are very intelligent dogs. That’s why if you bring this dog into your home as a puppy, it is very easy to train this dog. The blue nose Pitbulls pick and understand instructions very quickly. That’s why you don’t have to make a lot of effort while training them.

3. Drooling

All the dogs drool. However, some dogs drool too much, while some drool a little. People prefer those dogs who drool less because drooling makes your home dirty. They may find dog saliva on the floor, couch, and stairs. Drooling not only makes the home dirty but increases the chances of allergies. People who are sensitive to allergies can easily become the victim of such dogs. According to one website, blue nose drools less. It’s a very rare case that you may find your blue nose pitbull drooling. They drool because of some reasons like heatstroke or due to some health issues. Otherwise, they drool less.

4. Loving nature

You may get shocked to hear this, but these dogs are very loving and kind. They love people and kids very much. They can do anything to make their owners happy. Many people know this dog as violent and dangerous, but that’s not true. Historical events like competing in dog fights and wars have ruined these dogs’ image. The temperament test taken by ATTS is proof that they are calm and loving dogs. According to the ATTS test, these dogs have scored 86.4%, which is really great.

Cons of adopting a blue nose pitbull

1. Expensive

It’s true they look so cute and adorable with their blue noses. However, the blue nose color increases the price of these dogs so much. The blue nose pit bulls can cost around $1000 to $3500, which is extremely high as compared to regular Pitbulls. You are paying a high price just for a blue nose. Otherwise, there is no difference between these and regular Pitbulls.

2. They hate other dogs

They have loving nature only for humans. However, they hate other dogs. If you want to adopt this dog, then make sure you don’t have any other pet animal in your home. Otherwise, they can harm your other pets. Even you have to be very careful while taking them to the park because there will be a lot of other pets in the park.

3. Health issues

The blue nose Pitbulls are prone to many health issues. If you are bringing this dog at home, then prepare your mind first about the health issue. Their health problems include cataracts, heart disease, hip dysplasia, and allergies. It’s not like all the blue nose pit bulls will have these problems. There is a possibility that some of these dogs may become victims of these health issues.

Norris Kolby
Norris Kolby
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