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Pot Belly Pigs as a Pet

by Star Daze 4 years ago in exotic pets

Have you or a loved one ever wanted a pet pig? Then look no further! This is my experience with owning two pot belly pigs as a pet.

A few days before my birthday I really wanted a pot belly pig. I looked online for a baby pig around my area for sale but I didn't have any luck. A close friend of mine knew this lady who owned a farm and was willing to let me take home two female pot belly pigs for free! I was hesitant because no one gives away two healthy animals for free. When I met the lady at the farm she explained to me that the pigs are no use to her that she needs more room for other animals at the farm. She went into the pig pen and removed a plastic house that the two pigs stayed in. When I saw them they were both cuddled up next to each other one pig was pink and the other was black. To be honest I didn't know much about pigs at the time and I became nervous. You could tell the pigs weren't tamed and I started to think maybe this wasn't such a good idea. The lady put some food in a carrier and guided the pigs in there slowly. She quickly slammed the carrier door shut and put them in the backseat of my car. I asked her many different questions about the pigs but she didn't seem interested in answering them. I thanked her for the pigs and went straight home. When I arrived to my house I picked up the carrier with most of my strength and slowly got them inside. I remember getting a burst of excitement because I finally got what I've always wanted.

When the cage door opened they ran out the cage and went into the bathroom to hide. How in the world am I going to tame two pot belly pigs? I asked myself. I walked into the bathroom and sat down on the cold blue tiles a few inches away from them. I was in there for a good twenty minutes deciding if I should try to pet them or not. Soon after I slowly leaned in put one hand on the toilet cover and the other hand reaching in to touch the pink pigs ear. She made a loud oink and turned all the way around and tried to burry herself into the black pig. The only thing I could see was her rear end by this point. I reached over to pet the black pig next and she tensed up I could tell she was frightened. I was determined to win their trust and show them love. When I started to exit the bathroom I turned around and saw the black pig take a step forward. I bent down and said "You know what? I'm going to name you Olive and your pink sister Peppa." I stood up and walked out the room with a smile. One night I remember putting some popcorn in the microwave and once it was done I went up to Peppa and Olive with the popcorn in the middle of my palm to let them come eat it. They both slowly inched up to me and ate the popcorn out of my hand. Then I made a trail all the way up to my lap. Peppa and Olive followed the trail up to me and I gently pet both of them on the head. They gave out a gentle snort and looked like a smile. After a week the two pigs became my world. They were both so sweet and very smart. Peppa and Olive learned how to use a litter box within a day! Both of them loved listening to music and their favorite treat was popcorn! Peppa and Olive always had to have their belly rubs they became very spoiled. They finally gave me their trust and I gave them all of my love. Pigs make great pets it is not difficult to tame them at all! If you want a pet pig I say go for it because it's an unforgettable experience. You can teach your pig different tricks and they can even have a favorite television show. They have some similarities to us humans more than you realize.

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Star Daze
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