Pets: The Best Parenting Tutor

Lessons that a pet can teach kids!

Pets: The Best Parenting Tutor

Parenting is the next best word to create havoc in someone’s life after the word marriage! As beautiful as the joy of being a parent is, it is equally challenging to raise a child both emotionally and mentally. We see our parents as an example and often benchmark ourselves too high to match with our parent’s level. All that a parenting book can do is to guide you. How much of it can you successfully execute is really unknown. But there is a helping hand to raise your kids with good morals. Raising your child with a pet can help them imbibe those basic yet most entailed virtues which might seem impossible to do otherwise.

Here are those primary lessons that a pet can teach your child and make parenting tidbit easier for you.

1. Loyalty:

There is no two ways about the loyalty of a dog. The sincerity with which they wag their tails when they see you, the way they bark when they sense any danger around you is a clear sign of absolute loyalty. This teaches us that no matter what we must never let go of our loved ones and always remain loyal.

2. Patience:

What happens when you return home late? You hear your mom shout! But do you ever see an angry pet at the doorstep? Never! He welcomes you with countless hugs and licks. A pet teaches you the most important lesson of being patient, of knowing that the fruits of patience are very sweet.

3. Gratitude:

Give him a treat, a bath he hates or toys he loves to play with; whether he hates it or loves it he is always grateful. You can sense that gratitude every time you do anything for him. Even in the smallest of your actions you receive highest of his gratitude. This is a very important lesson that we must always be grateful to everyone who has helped us in any way.

4. Unconditional Love:

You could fight with your parents, break up with your partner and sob all you want. But your dog will never stop loving you. You might go days not seeing him or push him away when you are sad and need some alone time, but he will always crawl back to you. He will take his little paws, place them over your shoulder and let you know he cares, and he is there for you! His love is not dependent on whether you had your milk or whether you did your homework or partied on Saturday with peers. He loves you no matter what and this teaches kids that love should be unconditional. Also, from a very early stage of life, kids are exposed to the importance of pet healthcare. This turns them responsible too.

5. Being yourself:

How many times have you dragged your pet back to your home from a public place? Your furball acting like a doormat, just not moving at a shopping mall and you just pulling him by the leash. The crowd filled in laughter and you shockingly quiet in embarrassment? You bring him lavish toys to play with and all he wants is your sock and bunch of toilet paper! And yet you love him because he is so cute! He is just him! He won’t change. And that’s a huge lesson to learn! Be yourself, be unapologetically ‘You’!

Parenting is a lot more than just this. But a leg up is always welcomed now, isn’t it?

So already considering getting yourself a pet?

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