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Omar's Diary for Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe - Jay Rayner - BREXIT - Scotland - Healthcare

By Alan RussellPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

I am highly excited about being invited to read an extract from my diaries at the forthcoming meeting of ABC Tales members in York later this month. It is indeed an honour and a privilege.

Man Servant has been very busy trying to arrange transport to York. It looks like the only really practical way is to travel by train from Brockenhurst to Waterloo, then from Waterloo on the tube to Kings Cross and from there to York. Man Servant is under the strictest of instructions that I will only travel in first class, especially from Kings Cross to York when I can enjoy some light luncheon.

I look forward to meeting you all.

On Sunday, October 7, the 2018 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe will be run at Longchamp in Paris. This premier race really marks not only the end of the flat season on the turf in Europe but also a most definite change in the seasons from summer to autumn.

My successful Derby selection, MAZAR, is listed to run in this race worth over £2.5 million to the winner which at my current rates of exchange represents a very large quantity of Dreamies. He is currently quoted at 10/1 so I am going to place a small ante post wager with Ticker when I see him tomorrow. I will be publishing a special diary for this race on October 6 and explain why it is so important to Man Servant.

As usual on Sunday after the Servants returned from the equines they both settled down in Omar Towers. Lady Servant became engrossed in a book while Man Servant and I perused The Observer.

Man Servant is a creature of habit and as soon as we sat down to read he went straight to the colour magazine. He vigorously flipped through the pages on fashion and lifestyles to ‘Food & Drink’ written by a servant named ‘Jay Rayner’. Compared to other reviews this one was quite tame in its use of language so I can only assume that the restaurant he went to was reasonably good. I would love to go there on the journey to York but as it is in SE1 rather than W1 I don’t think I will encourage Man Servant too much. You can never be sure of things on the south side of the Thames these days.

After reading the restaurant review there really wasn’t that much in the rest of the paper that encouraged us to read on. There were the usual articles about something called ‘BREXIT’. I understand this is quite an important issue for servants to understand but from a feline viewpoint, as long as the supply chain for Dreamies, catnip, and other quality foods is not interrupted then I shall not be concerned too much. Or, is that very selfish of me to express such a narrow interest in a very important subject?

There was also an article about a very remote area of somewhere called ‘Scotland’ where not many other servants live. I know that my own Servants have been to this part of the country at least twice this year. I have a small suspicion that they may be seeking out some genealogical history for the family as I have heard them say ‘Omar would be thrilled to find he had family there’ before they have left for their travels.

I don’t think they were just going to Bournemouth where, and I don’t like to admit it, I was found wandering the back streets. They never normally take luggage when they go there and they never ever stay away overnight there either.

Whenever Mitsie or I are taken ill it seems so easy for us to receive treatment. Quite often we can have appointments at our convenience and at very short notice as well as receiving additional treatment almost immediately if they are necessary. This I believe is true of the equines as well. That has to be the main advantage of having excellent private health cover.

Servants however have to phone their doctors to arrange an appointment often days if not weeks in advance. I don’t think servants have very much private medical cover as it seems to be taking months now for Lady Servant to be treated. Then, as my Servants found out, because another servant had not ticked the correct box on a form, they had a wasted journey to a medical centre which took up most of their afternoon.

I really think they should consider some private health cover to avoid this sort of thing.

What with the pressures on their health service becoming greater by the day members of the servant species are living longer and more expensive treatments become available. What I have some real difficulty with is that servants who are responsible for running the country with all of their statistics and abilities to forecast must have seen years ago that these changes were going to take place. Yet, no one in those positions was able to put any planning in place to ensure the correct resources were available to meet those needs.

Most fortunately as a feline the furthest I have to plan for is my next sleep and meal.


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