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Old Hemp

by Callum 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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A brief history of border collies

​Hi it's me your handsome blog writing friend Callum the border collie. I hope you're all having a great week. This week I thought I'd bark a bit about the history of border collies. I wonder why they never teach doggy history in puppy school?

Well, it seems that my breed originated on the very border of England and Scotland in a place called Northumberland. Me and all other border collie puppies are direct descendants of a tri-colour border collie named Old Hemp.

Old Hemp was bred by a man named Adam Telfer.

It wasn't until the end of the 19th century that border collies like me became popular. We started to become popular at the first official sheep dog trial in Bala, Wales.

I'm not one bit of a surprised boy that border collies became popular. After all border collies are good workers, we're intelligent,athletic and really energetic.

I have to bark this though; border collies aren't the dog for everyone.

We have lots of energy so we need lots of exercise and play time to burn off our energy otherwise we can become destructive.

Also we might try to herd you by nipping at your ankles. I use to nip at my human's ankles but now I just poke her in the back of the leg with my nose. I figured to my doggy self that was better than nipping.

See how smart us border collies are, we really know how to use our doggy brains. Now if I could only learn to walk nicely on my leash.

Border collies and other dogs can be great companions for autistic humans or any human who loves dogs and can make the commitment that us border collie puppies take.

One very important thing to remember if you have an autistic family member or

any family member that might hurt a dog then it's best not to get one.

After all we are living sentient beings who deserve to be loved and respected. Doggies like me just want to be loved and happy and healthy.

We want to be an important member of your family. It makes me a very sad boy to see doggies tied out in their yards all the time.

How can a doggy feel love and companionship when he or she is tied out in the yard all by themselves?

I'm a sorry boy to say this but not all humans deserve the privilege of having a doggy or any other animal.

​Having a furry family member is a big responsibility, one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

The doggy my human had before me was also a border collie. I'm going to swallow my doggy pride and admit that he was a much better behaved boy than I am.

He was always very cooperative and I have a habit of being,well maybe a teeny tiny itsy bitsy bit uncooperative.

​I'm still a puppy though so I'm still learning and trying my best to be a well behaved cooperative boy.

My paws are getting tired from typing. You humans are lucky you have fingers to type with. Typing with paws is not easy believe me. I am going to say bye for now so I can go do some doggy type stuff.

Bark to you again soon.

Your handsome blog writing friend,

Callum the border collie


My blog is now on WEBWIKI. if you aren't too busy could you visit them and leave my blog an honest review. Thanks! Woof! Okay, now it's time for me to run around like crazy and then play some tug of war.

fact or fiction

About the author


I am a 10 month old Border Collie and not only am I a talented blogger, I am also very handsome.

I am a very good boy.

​I am writing for my mom who is an autistic human.

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