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Not So Grace

by Theresa Wilhelm 9 months ago in dog
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Even the not so graceful deserve to win.

My Graciebear

As a professional dog nanny as a side hustle, I have come across many dogs that would seem deserving of the EmPawyee of the Month award. Believe me, I have a list of favorites. This isn't about any of those wonderful pups though, instead I am going to take this time to be biased and nominate my dog Grace, or Graciebear as I call her. Hopefully I can convince you as to why you should think so too.

A little background:

Grace came into my life unlike majority of the amazing pets that became members of my family over the years - spontaneous arrival. Instead she was introduced to me by a good friend of mine that met her while in vet tech school. Grace was abandoned at the local Humane Society under the temporary identity of Ace and was brought to my friend's college to be studied. No, she isn't a lab rat, she is clearly a dog. She was there so students could practice their skills by working on live subjects. (Okay, okay, that totally sounds like experimentation, but I pray you get the point.)

I received adorable pictures of this dog named Ace and was told how cuddly and loving of a dog he was. At this point in time, I was not looking to get another dog, I already had Pebbles, may she rest in peace, and she was quite the delightful handful herself.

Alas, I am impulsive by nature and within minutes my friend and I were plotting to adopt Ace.

I went to meet and greet with him at the school and quickly discovered Ace was not a he, but rather a she. I was not too fond of the name Ace because my sister's boyfriend at the time had a dog with the exact same name. I wasn't feeling up to reusing a name, so upon adoption her name was to be changed. I had to wait almost an entire week just to sign her adoption papers because the school had to finish "experimenting" with her and her pup pals before they were returned back to the humane society.

Upon graduating college and returning at the humane society, the race was on to retrieve my future pup before someone else got the liberty of calling her theirs. It honestly felt like a super secret mission because of a couple reasons. One, I didn't tell a soul I was getting her and two I had to find a way to pick her up without much information to go off of. She was so new to the humane society that they had yet to write a blurb about her online. I called the humane society with such a rush to try and put her on puppy layaway, it felt like I waited forever on the phone due to a lack of information.

Standing at the counter of the humane society I continued to contemplate names for my soon-to-be new family member. The main struggle with this was that she already answered to her current name and I didn't want her to have an identity crisis, so naturally I chose something close to her current name. All in all it was a great choice for her, except for one thing unplanned for, she does not live up to her name.

I have forever made jokes about how most of my pets have turned out to be ironically named. For example: My dog Pebbles was diagnosed with kidney stones twice in her life. And as is the case for Grace, she lacks exactly that... grace. She has got to be one of the clumsiest dogs I have ever been graced with meeting. Word of the wise: It pays to be careful when choosing a name.

Now I know, how is this supposed to be convincing you to choose her as Empawyee of the Month? I am getting to that point.

What Grace lacks in grace, mouthful to say I know, she makes up for with her patience, excellent listening skills, obedience, loyalty, and last but certainly not least, she is uncanny judge of character.

She is the first out of three dogs that doesn't require a leash when exiting the household domain. She has the happiest and most excited of all the demeanors held by previous pups. Grace is loyal and remains at your side at all times. Sometimes she can be the overbearing co-worker you wish would just get a clue, but her company is always welcome. (No literally, she like never leaves your side and sometimes you stumble over her because she doesn't move in time.)

Not to mention, even after all these years living with me, her eyeliner hasn't worn off once. I still have no idea how she maintains it. My theory is that she just wakes up super early to reapply it first thing in the morning, but seeing as to how she remains in bed until I get up I think that's quite the stretch. (She doesn't actually have eyeliner, she just has black rings around her eyes that look like perfectly winged tips.) Which is another wonderful thing about Gracie, she permits me to sleep in.

Most dogs I oversee are set in their routines, they know that come sunrise it is time for their first meal of the day. Grace is different. Yes, she is well aware of what the morning brings, but if I am not ready to awake and start the day, she doesn't push. She knows she will be fed at some point, and honestly I think even she enjoys the extra rest. As much as she enjoys her beauty rest, she knows how to drag herself out of bed and get to her daily grind. All I need is say the word. Unless her bladder is at the point of bursting, she remains content hitting the snooze alarm with me. This doesn't just go for me either, she will do this whomever she cuddles next to at night.

Sleeping in on her day off.

When I am away from her for longs periods, my heart grows ever fonder of her, and hers of mine. There is not a single Walmart greeter that will ever make you happy to enter than Grace.

Grace is hands down the best listener. No for real, she has the best listening ears quite frankly in the nation. I do not mean this in the aspect of dogs and their exceptional hearing, but rather as a friend you'd want to confide in. She will sit right down in front of me when I am telling people stories and just stare at me with intent to listen and absorb all the information. A quality that would make even your therapist jealous. She just wags her tail as she follows along with every word, detail, laugh, and tangent my stories contain. Grace is an honorary true friend, in canine form.

Gracie loves everyone she meets. On the extremely rare occasion that she was not too fond of someone I have brought into my life, to no surprise those people do not stick around too long. She has a nose that can sniff out those with the illest of intentions towards anyone she holds near and dear. When told to be nice, she will promptly obey, but give you a look that says, "Are you sure about this one?"

Although she is going on nine years old, she doesn't let a day of aging go to waste. Grace is girl that isn't afraid to throw down some food. The moment she sees you saunter off towards the food bin, she leaps into the air like she's Air Bud ready to stock the highest shelves. If you are ever in need of being pumped up after a long day at work, just stop on over to our house and she'll lift you right up, or knock you down in the process. She has the springiest jump in all the land, I am fairly certain she was a kangaroo in a past life.

Her lack of grace leaves all the more room for the important things, such as her big loving heart. Of all the impulsive purchases I have made in my life, she has been by far the single-most greatest investment. I stand by my decision, as biased as I may be, to nominate Grace, and if you ever got the chance to spend a day with her, I know you'd agree.

If you cannot take my word for it alone below are some peer evaluations of Grace.

Needless to say she blows the competition away.


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