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By:Makayla Goodwill

By Hey MacPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

when most people go to get a pet they want like a cat or a dog the normal cute adorable pets, some might even want a bird, and there is nothing wrong with that! cats, dogs, and birds are all cute, but I don’t think that those are my type of pets. My type of pet would actually be a rat or a mouse, I know a rat! Most of you are probably thinking eww or gross but rats are stupidly intelligent and if you spend enough time and work into it they are very easy to train! I know someone who potty trained there rat and my rat, April is trained to come to me when I call her. She gets plenty of free time and she’s super friendly and good with other people. So next time someone says something about having a strang animal as a pet, think about all the pros to it and not just the cons cause they might have a really really cool animal!! Like April for example April is super super friendly and she’s really good with people she’s very playful and friendly! Let’s go over all the good things about her now. Trust me when I tell you, there’s a lot of them. One of the reasons they would make a good pet is when people go “eww a rodent” and say they are dirty Pet rats are just as clean as any other animal. They actually spend more time a day cleaning themselves than cats do! They are rodents, so they do have a slight "musky" smell, but all animals have a scent to them. Rats are very clean animals. That’s only one reason why they are good pets! The Rat assistance and teaching society states that Some rats are more intelligent than dogs! They can be trained to do a number of tricks recognize their name and come when called and some as I said earlier will even use a litter box! Recent studies have shown that rats can feel the same emotions as humans such as empathy helpfulness and even loneliness which is why it is so important for rats to have either an owner that plays with them daily and constantly or another rat companion with them. Rats would also make a great first pet for small children between the ages of nine and up rats are one of the few cats that are great for children unlike other pocket pets such as hamsters rats rarely bite the only time they will bite is if they feel highly threatened or scared by a person or animal. Rats love their sleep but they also love humans if they are in a nap and they are enjoying that now they will wake up to be handled by humans because they love people and they love being played with in socializing with humans. Rats are great pets for children and not only will the children get attached to them but you will too! Rats are smart and pathetic and they form lifelong bonds With each other and their owners. Fun fact, did you know even some celebrities like rats and there’s also a temple dedicated to them! Rats are smart friendly and like to cuddle making them great companions for families and kids! Caring for a pet rat isn’t that complicated you just have to make sure that you have the right cage accessories and toys for your pet. Pet rats also live up to 2 to 3 years because they are hidden from wild and with access to nonstop food and water so these are long lasting pets for your children and even some adults love their rats! If you were to get a rat make sure to keep it in an area of your house where there’s not too much sunlight bright areas of sunlight can cause stress and harm to their eyes. Another fun thing about rats is they love to climb so if you get a rat make sure to have large areas for it to climb. Rats are more active at night because they are nocturnal creatures and this is when they normally go hunting but this could be easily fixed as when you get a route you are to train your rat to sleep during night and stay awake during daytime. This is my type of pet I hope you enjoyed my story this is all based on true events in true facts. I hope you enjoyed my story have a good day!


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